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Conquering The Bronx: Photos from the Pinstripe Bowl

Relive Notre Dame's ninth and final win of the 2013 season in all its photographic glory!

Our beloved Fighting Irish capped off the 2013 campaign with a 29-16 victory over the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and Matt Cashore and his fellow photographers stepped up to the plate in a big, big way with some amazing photographs. Since the TSW playoffs will be occurring over the next few Wednesdays, please feel free to hold your own caption free-for-alls here in the comments--there are some real gems (especially the Tuitt peace sign). Here's to the season that was, and here's to the season that will be! (Let us thank GOD for that.)

Until next time...GO IRISH!

UPDATE: Oh, and following our win and Michigan's loss, Notre Dame is now back in its rightful place as #1 in all-time winning percentage. Merry Christmas, everyone.