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2013 TSW Playoffs: Kickoff/Round 1

The epic finale to the 2013 Trick Shot Wednesday season.

Ty and Condi know what's up.
Ty and Condi know what's up.
Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

Merry Christmas, everyone!! On every Wednesday for the last few months, all of you have brought your top-notch captioning and photoshopping skills to help enhance a plethora of silly football images. So as our Christmas present to you, we're giving you the opportunity to vote on your favorite TSW entries! In essence, we're anticipating the CFB playoff format by a year or so; using a 32-entry bracket, we've given AQ spots to all 14 conference (weekly) champs and filled in the rest with the highest-rated comments throughout the season. Heck, we're even using an entirely arbitrary system where we chose teams based on their originality, format, and similarity! (But don't worry, we've arranged the matchups so there probably won't be any all-SEC final hooey.)

Click here to view the entire 2013 TSW Playoff Hub, or scroll down for more selective clicking.

There were many deserving candidates that got left out, but ultimately we tried to make sure that we represented as many weeks, formats, and contributors as possible (which is also why we don't have all 45 entries from the Ridiculously Photogenic Cam McDaniel comments). As of right now, we're gonna progress through the rounds each Wednesday for the next few weeks so you guys have something to keep you distracted work on as the season winds down. The full bracket (names subject to change) is as follows [click for full size]:

I'll admit that this is a bit of an ambitious project for me, so hopefully we can successfully navigate all 16 matchups in the first round--past that, things should become much simpler! Just click the link for each matchup below, and you'll be taken to that particular matchup's page to peruse the entries and vote!

(1) The Cam Rule vs.
(32) The Grounds Squad

(2) The Snap Height vs.
(31) Tommy's Playbook

(3) Colonel Found EG! vs.
(30) Altered Uni Pants

(4) Horrified Cheerleader vs.
(29) 2 Stanford Fans

(5) Defense Disco vs.
(28) Spartan Pez Dispenser

(6) Oregonian Shakespeare vs.
(27) Tommy's Prayer

(7) Got CBSSN? vs.
(26) Hey Gary

(8) Punterrific vs.
(25) Shembo's Bike Seat

(9) Anti-gravity Jump vs.
(24) Personal Foul

(10) Blind Spots vs
(23) Pet Heads

(11) Princess Occtipa vs.
(22) Magic Finger

(12) Louey-Doo vs.
(21) Take and Score

(13) Red Army Coup vs.
(20) Ze Medical PSA

(14) Taco Grande vs.
(19) USC Cheaters

(15) Deal With It vs.
(18) Skyscraper Lunch

(16) Cam Knows More vs.
(17) The Cam Effect

If a poll isn't working (or is nonexistent) or something doesn't seem right, please let us know in the comments ASAP. Poll voting closes next Tuesday afternoon--best of luck, and Go Irish!!