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The Big E College Football Picks: All Hail tjv

The season is over and we have our champion.

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This season went really fast didn't it? That's okay it wasn't a very fun season for Irish fans anyway and there's plenty to look forward to next year. There's always next year in college football. Always.


Congratulations to dannan14 for winning the final week. He failed to get the pick in for Friday's MAC Championship game but still went 9-1 over the weekend and beat out three others who tallied 8 wins.


We picked 325 games this season. Only one person stood above all the rest. Congratulations to tjv for winning the 2013 Big E College Football Picks League!

The great tjv finished the season with a record of 182-143 and a win rate of an even 56 percent. Las Vegas tried to get the best of you tjv but you walked away with the last laugh.

We hope you enjoy your One Foot Down BAG O'SWAG which includes:

  • A pair of XXXL Notre Dame gym shorts retrieved from the Louis Nix give away last week.
  • $100 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods.
  • A pair of blue and neon orange Nike Elite Sequalizer crew socks.
  • A Calgary Flames tuque donated by Larz.
  • The book Football Kicking & Punting by Ray Guy and Rick Sang.
  • A free year subscription of Kaspersky Internet Security.
  • Two tickets to the Steely Dan concert in Philadelphia on February 12th.
  • 5 pounds of Caribou Coffee Traveler's Roast.
  • A 3-pack of Notre Dame themed iPhone cases.
  • A gift bag of Armor All exterior car cleaning products.
  • 25% off coupon to Men's Warehouse for one suit.
  • Solo HD headphones by Beats.
  • A PNY Attach III 64 GB flash drive with 100 Football Food recipes pre-loaded.


Our OFD staff did work as Whiskey, Jim, and CW finished in second, third, and fourth place respectively. Yours truly finished in a tie for 7th and will definitely have to do better next year.

The Fighting Irish went 6-6 this year against the spread. I think that's better than usual (as Vegas snickers under their breath).

I personally went a terrible 3-9 against the spread in Notre Dame games but flipped that record to 9-3 while picking games straight up.

Thanks to everyone for participating this year and enjoy the scrimmage bowl season.