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College Football Viewer's Guide: Week 11

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Survive and advance.

Jonathan Ferrey

A banged up Notre Dame team simply needs to get in and out of Heinz Field with a victory over Pittsburgh on Saturday night. Bonus points if the Irish can do it without suffering any additional injuries. Before that happens there will be several games that are worth keeping an eye on.

If any of you are looking for full TV schedules I suggest the link below.

*All times listed are EST.

Rankings are per the BCS Standings

Wednesday November 6th

Central Michigan (3-5) at Ball State (8-1) 8:00 ESPN2

Wednesday night MACtion! There were even two MAC games on Tuesday Night which means we now have live football on TV 7 days a week.

Thursday November 7th

Someone had the great idea of putting two of the most interesting games of the week on Thursday Night. Genius!

#10 Oklahoma (7-1) at #6 Baylor (7-0) 7:30 Fox Sports 1

Will Stoops and the Sooners fall victim to the Baylor offensive machine or will Baylor get a dose of reality? I think Oklahoma will keep this one close.

#3 Oregon (8-0) at #5 Stanford (7-1) 9:00 ESPN

I really can't believe that anybody decided scheduling this game for 9:00pm EST on a Thursday was a good idea. Good job PAC-12.  Schedule your biggest regular season game such that nobody on the East Coast will watch it. I saw that Oregon RB De'Anthony Thomas said that the Ducks should "at least put up 40" on the Cardinal. I'm not so sure about that. I think this will be a close game too.

Friday November 8th

#20 Louisville (7-1) at Connecticut (0-7) 8:30 ESPN2

Why is this game being televised?

Saturday November 9th

#2 Florida State (8-0) at Wake Forest (4-5) 12:00 ABC/

Will the Noles have a let down game after the big win against Miami? If they do can Wake take advantage of it?

Kansas State (4-4) at #25 Texas Tech (7-2) 12:00 ABC/

Remember when Kansas State was teetering on the brink of playing for the National Championship last year? I think the Raiders will rebound from back-to-back losses against the Oklahoma schools and take the Wraith to 4-5.

#9 Auburn (8-1) at Tennessee (4-5) 12:00 ESPN

If Malzahn's crew can knock off Tennessee and Georgia they will be 10-1 heading into the Iron Bowl. Gene who?

Penn State (5-3) at Minnesota (7-2) 12:00 ESPN2

Minnesota is 7-2 you guys. Yay!

#8 Missouri (8-1) at Kentucky (2-6) 12:00 ESPNU

Mizzu QB James Franklin is ready to return to action this week. Can he get his job back from Maty Mauk?

TCU (3-6) at Iowa State (1-7) 12:00 Fox Sports 1

Do you think that TCU is second guessing their move to the Big 12? This isn't a gimme game for Coach Patterson and the frogs.

USC (6-3) vs Cal (1-8) 3:00 FOX

Sonny Dykes and his Cal team need something positive to hang their hats on this season. An upset of the Trojans might do the trick. Too bad it won't happen.

Mississippi State (4-4) at #15 Texas A&M (7-2) 3:30 CBS

CBS is going to televise Johnny Manziel every day until he leaves College Station.

Nebraska (6-2) at Michigan (6-2) 3:30 ABC

Both of these teams could really use a nice win here. Go Corn!

BYU (6-2) at #24 Wisconsin (6-2) 3:30 ESPN

This will be a real test for BYU and another good scouting opportunity for us. I'm a little bit concerned about the Cougs.

Kansas (2-6) at #14 Oklahoma State (7-1) 4:00 Fox Sports 1

Chuck Weis sleeps on a cot in his office. That doesn't appear to be helping. Okie Light by 40 or so.

Texas (6-2) at West Virginia (4-5) 7:00 FOX

Now that Oliver Luck officially didn't get the Texas AD job he's probably telling Holgo to pull out all of the stops to win this game.

Virginia Tech (6-3) at #11 Miami (7-1) 7:00 ESPN

This could end up being a pretty decent game. In that mistake riddled turnover fest kind of a way.

Houston (7-1) at #21 UCF (6-1) 7:00 ESPN2

The American Athletic Conference BCS berth is on the line in Orlando on Saturday night. Murica!

#23 Notre Dame (7-2) at Pittsburgh (4-4) 8:00 ABC

Just win. Full previews are coming.

#13 LSU (7-2) at #1 Alabama (8-0) 8:00 CBS

Maybe Leslie Miles will do us all a favor and pull the upset here.

#19 UCLA (6-2) at Arizona (6-2) 10:00 ESPN

Stay up. The Bruins and Cats might be entertaining.

What else should we be trying to keep an eye on? See you in the open threads on Saturday.