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One Foot Down's Salute to the Seniors: 2013 Edition

Thank you seniors. Here is our attempt at showing our appreciation for your time and effort over the past four (or sometimes five) football seasons.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

As Saturday afternoon's match-up with BYU approaches, we here at OFD wanted to do a little something to salute the last home game for the senior class. For the 3rd consecutive year, we composed some Tweets that we like to send out via the official OFD Twitter account (if you don't follow us, you should). You may have seen a few. You will see more.

We could have chosen to set fishoutofwater to the task of composing epic poems for each of these representatives of Our Lady's fine university. We could have, but chose brevity over prose. After all, if you can't say it in 140 characters, it probably doesn't need to be said.

The 5th years earned the distinct honor of being recognized again this year-you can't say taking that additional year is without its benefits, right?

This year's class represents (for the most part) the 2010 recruiting class-one that was started by the previous staff and finished by CBK and his in the first few weeks on the job. We, as fans, owe quite a bit to this group in particular. They could have packed up and went elsewhere (some did). They could have taken the easier path. Instead, they chose Notre Dame. For that, we are grateful.

We would also like to take a moment to remember one member of the 2010 class that never made it to campus-Matt James. Though he never had the opportunity to suit up in the Blue and Gold, Irish fans in the stadium and across the country will try to honor his memory while saluting and thanking this senior class.


5th Years

OG Chris Watt (@CWatt66)

.@CWatt66 has been impressive on the left side with Zach Martin over the past three seasons. A career in the NFL lies ahead #RoadGrader

OT Zach Martin (@thegob70)

LT ZMa @thegob70 has been the anchor of the left side for four years and had the chance to start alongside his little brother #BlindSide

Tyler Stockton (@TsTock_ND92)

The team comedian, T-Stock, has bolstered an injury-ridden DL throughout the 2013 season and will always have the fame of #TrickShotMonday

Carlo Calabrese (@Carlo44Cal)

.@Carlo44Cal let everyone know last year that he has people. He and his people plug all the gaps on the defense (even at NG) #JerseyPride

Dan Fox (@DPFoxy)

LB @DPFoxy capped off a big victory against the Sun Devils with a #Pick6 but we still think that he should have kept the hair #KeepTheHair

Nick Tausch (@NTausch40)

.@NTausch40 started his ND career by setting the consecutive FGM mark. After getting healthy, he came back to add depth in '13 #TexasForever


Seniors Out of Eligibility

Tommy Rees (@t_rees11)

.@t_rees11 has been the program's constant presence over the BK era- persevered through negativity and became a leader #NotSoShabby

TJ Jones (@TJ2Smoove)

.@TJ2Smoove has made his father's #7 proud. His catch radius and leadership on/off the field will be sorely missed #RedSkinnyJeans #SHARKS!

Daniel Smith (@Robert87Rains)

SB native @Robert87Rains was an essential plug in the offense as a lead blocker. Hopefully he and @SkyDigg4 will give us future recruits!

Kona Schwenke (@kschwenke96)

Hawaiian @kschwenke96 turned his rugby playing background into becoming a big-time DL contributor at all three spots #TheUceIsLoose

Prince Shembo (@Your_Highness55)

Prince Shembo @Your_Highness55 may have lost his bike seat, but his hammer-swinging ways won our hearts #HailToThePrince

Bennett Jackson (@B_Jax2)

.@B_Jax2 went from being recruited as a WR to special teams standout to a key CB in ND's '12 title run and as a '13 captain #FieldORBoundary

Danny Spond (Retired) (@Dspond13)

.@Dspond13 's "Strong and True" video made grown men (and women) cry all across ND nation and the OLB's leadership will be missed #ThisIsDog


Seniors with 5th Year of Eligibility

Andrew Hendrix (@NDHendy12)

.@NDHendy12 helped pull out the W against Southern Cal. Good luck next year, whether it's with the Red Hat Army or med school #Smotkids

Luke Massa (@MookieLassa14)

.@MookieLassa14 came in as a QB but played WR, Holder and joined the Red Hat Army. I'd say that's a pretty versatile career #WhyNoDefense?

Alex Welch (@AlexWelch82)

.@AlexWelch82 joined the ND TE pipeline following the footsteps of Kyle Rudolph but injuries took what otherwise might have been #TightEndU

Bruce Heggie (@ucebruce51)

The original Right Kind of Guy @ucebruce51 has added depth along both sets of trenches for the Irish over the years #RKGPatientZero

Christian Lombard (@Lombo74)

RG @Lombo74 moved inside this fall after starting at RT last year. He has been solid and we hope to see him back next fall #5thYearLineman

Justin Utopo (@j_youuu)

A mainstay on ST the last few years, @j_youuu has earned some reps along the DL this fall and may return for an encore in '14 #DepthMaker

Louis Nix III (@1IrishChocolate)

All time ND favorite @1IrishChocolate has hinted/joked about a 5th yr. He shouldn't play with our hearts like that... #TeamDoubleTeam #MissU

Kendall Moore (@K_Moore8)

Raleigh NC product and LB @K_Moore8 tackles just about everyone when he is on the field, whether on defense or special teams #SeeYouNextFall

Lo Wood (@Lowood23)

.@Lowood23 Nickel and dimer. Special teamer. 1st ballot All Name Team HoF'er. Not many CBs handle a crowded D backfield this well. #PickSix

Austin Collinsworth (@acollinsworth28)

Going from ST star to playing significant reps at S, @acollinsworth28 was CBK's first verbal commitment from the '10 class #FutureNFLAnalyst



Will Cronin

QB Will Cronin got a phone call from the coaches this summer asking him to join the team. The finance major ran the scout team this fall.

Nick Fitzpatrick (@Fitzpartyy)

WR @Fitzpartyy was ND's Scout Team Player of the Year in 2012 & made his mark playing Denard Robinson in practice.

Alex Wulfeck (@Wulfeck98)

@Wulfeck98 played for Wake Forest when ND blanked them in '12. Now he plays for the Irish, pinning opponents deep & studying for the MCAT.

Kevin Carr (@bigredcarr)

OL @bigredcarr played 2 years for the Irish & saw the field v. Air Force. The chemical engineering major has ambitions to join the Navy.

Arturo Martinez (@artmtz86)

DL @artmtz86 has played 3 years for the Irish after defeating cancer. The Miami-native is an Alumni Hall RA and accounting major.

Tyler Plantz (@thebigslammu)

RB @thebigslammu has played in 6 games in his 3 years with the Irish. The finance major is a senior leader of @WOPUnation.

Jude Rhodes (@BoiAfrica)

@BoiAfrica began place-kicking growing up in Kenya. The history pre-pro major transferred to ND & walked on, fulfilling a life-long dream.

Joe Romano

CB Joe Romano, cousin of the leprechaun, covered Mike Floyd & Kyle Rudolph on the scout team as a frosh. He's now president of @WOPUnation.