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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 13

The battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe, Johnny Football in Death Valley, ASU at the Rose Bowl, and Baylor invades Stillwater.

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No, seriously time to make your move.


Congratulations to pburns2010, alstein, long time listener, and aheadofme for leading the way last week with a record of 12-6. The song remains the same with the overall leaderboard as tjv sits with a 5-game lead.

Now for this week's picks...

Navy (+2) at San Jose State

Pick: Navy

I'm not crazy about Navy making a trip across the country for a Friday night game. Somehow San Jose State makes our picks every week and I think I've missed every single time. I'll take the Middies because SJSU hasn't been that great on offense and might not get Navy out of their comfort zone.

Virginia (+20) at Miami

Pick: Virginia

ALL THE LOSING STREAKS. Somehow the Cavaliers beat BYU but haven't defeated another FBS team all season and are on a 7-game losing streak. Miami was seemingly on top of the world and making hotel reservations for the ACC title game but whoops...they've now lost 3 straight. Miami's offense should get the job done here but I like taking the points.

Michigan State (-7) at Northwestern

Pick: Michigan State

Everyone is taking the Spartans here, right? That kind of makes me uncomfortable though. The sharps must not trust the MSU offense yet. I still think Michigan State pulls away with a comfortable win.

Michigan (+6) at Iowa

Pick: Michigan

It's almost shocking that Michigan heads to Iowa this big of an underdog when looking at it through the lens of where these program were a year ago. I admittedly couldn't tell you much about Iowa right now. I guess that doesn't make me any different than the rest of the country. I'll take the points and see how it plays out.

Miss State (-2) at Arkansas

Pick: Miss State

Arkansas is coming off a bye so that should help them but I liked the way Mississippi State played last week against Alabama and I think they'll enjoy moving past their brutally tough last 3 games.

Pittsburgh (-1) at Syracuse

Pick: Pittsburgh

I'm not going to hold Syracuse's blowout loss to Florida State against them but I will say that Pitt played the Seminoles tougher. I know that doesn't mean anything but I still said it.

New Mexico State (+22) at Florida Atlantic

Pick: New Mexico State

FAU has been revitalized lately with two straight wins but NMSU has been quite frisky lately as well. I can't in good conscience lay this many points.

Idaho (+57) at Florida State

Pick: Florida State

I don't think I've ever taken a team to cover 50+ points over the last 3 years of doing these picks. I'm breaking that trend today.

Wisconsin (-16.5) at Minnesota

Pick: Wisconsin

It's been a heck of a ride this year for Minnesota as they sit at 8-2 with a couple games left. Unfortunately I think the Badgers put a big hurt on Minny this weekend.

Nebraska (+1.5) at Penn State

Pick: Nebraska

If not for some awful turnovers Nebraska might have toppled Michigan State last week. I think the Corn's defense is getting a little better than earlier in the season too. I bet they have just enough success on offense to win this road game in Happy Valley.

Oregon (-20.5) at Arizona

Pick: Oregon

How's Mariota's knee holding up? Their offense hasn't looked the same since he tweaked that thing. Still, 20.5 points is more like 8.5 points when we're talking about Oregon. I feel good about them scoring a bunch of points against Rich Rod.

Utah (+1) at Washington State

Pick: Washington State

Utah is without their quarterback and the Cougars have some nice mojo after picking up their third Pac-12 win last week. I think Leach gets another one this weekend and moves up to 4-4 in league play. That'll garner some Coach of the Year votes, I'm sure.

Texas A&M (+4.5) at LSU

Pick: Texas A&M

I expect the Tigers to win this game but the back door cover is so strong with Johnny Football that I can't take the favorite. LSU could be fully in control leading by 10 with 45 seconds left and a quick bomb to Mike Evans from Manziel changes the pay out.

BYU (PK) at Notre Dame

Pick: Notre Dame

It'd be really nice to see a Senior Day victory for the fourth straight year.

Arizona State (-2.5) at UCLA

Pick: UCLA

Have you seen Myles Jack run the ball yet? If not, please set aside time this weekend to do so. He runs pissed off and I love it. What an athlete! I have no issue taking the home dog here.

Vanderbilt (+2.5) at Tennessee

Pick: Vanderbilt

The Vols have played well at home but I simply like Vandy as an underdog here.

Missouri (-2.5) at Ole Miss

Pick: Missouri

The Tigers have been doing some nice things on offense but their defense has been very opportunistic. I think Missouri gets a couple big turnovers and sets up their offense for an easy score or two.

Baylor (-9.5) at Oklahoma State

Pick: Oklahoma State

I don't know, it just feels like it's Baylor's time to lose doesn't it? Maybe the Cowboys don't come away with an outright upset but I think they put a major scare into the undefeated Bears.

Washington (OFF) at Oregon State

Pick: Oregon State

Some major injury concerns for UW who are likely without Keith Price for this game. No spread means I'll take the home team to win in that icky wet fall Oregon weather.

Boise State (-7) at San Diego State

Pick: Boise State

The Broncos need this game to keep their hopes alive for 8 straight seasons of 10+ wins. If they pull this one out they could make it 10+ wins in 13 out of the past 15 seasons. Not bad, I guess.