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College Football Viewer's Guide: Week 13

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Senior Day.

Both of these guys will get a shot at Baylor in the next few weeks.  Mike Gundy is up first.
Both of these guys will get a shot at Baylor in the next few weeks. Mike Gundy is up first.
Stacy Revere

Notre Dame will attempt to send of the senior class with a victory when they host BYU on Saturday afternoon.  Let's take a look at ND vs. BYU and the rest of the weekend lineup.

If any of you are looking for full TV schedules I suggest the link below.

For those of you in the Central Time Zone, here's another option.

*All times listed are EST.

Rankings are per the BCS Standings

Wednesday November 20th

#16 Northern Illinois (10-0) at Toledo (7-3) 8:00 ESPN2

MOAR MACtion!  Piling all of this MACtion into Tuesday and Wednesday nights is working for me.

Thursday November 21st

Rutgers (5-4) at #18 UCF (8-1 ) 7:30 ESPN

Everybody is a Knight!  Can the Scarlet Knights derail the other Knights BCS chances?  I doubt it but I'll likely tune in for a bit anyway.

Friday November 22nd

Navy (6-4) at San Jose State (5-5) 9:30 ESPN2

The Mids are heading to the Armed Forces Bowl regardless of what happens in their final two games against San Jose State and Army.  Will Navy come out flat against the Spartans as a result?  San Jose State has been almost impossible to predict this season and I suspect that this game won't be any different.  Flip a coin.  There is really no way to predict how this one is going to turn out.

Saturday November 23rd

#20 Oklahoma (8-2) at Kansas State (6-4) 12:00 Fox Sports 1

Bob Stoops needs to beat Kansas State on Saturday then find a way to best Okie Light to get to 10 wins.  The Sooners should get through this one but Bedlam might not work out so well for them.  The Pokes can play.

Duke (8-2) at Wake Forest (4-6) 12:00 ESPN2

Duke controls their own destiny in the ACC Coastal.  Even after watching them play a few times this season typing that still feels really strange.  Duke isn't supposed to be any good at football!

Cincinnati (8-2) at Houston (7-3) 12:00 ESPN News

This should be another entertaining game courtesy of the American Athletic Conference.  Cincy, Houston, UCF and Louisville have put together some very watchable games this season.  Nice work former Big East!

Virginia (2-8) at Miami FL (7-3) 12:00 ESPNU

The Canes are limping into this game on a 3 game losing streak.  The Hoos should be just what the doctor ordered for Miami to get back on track with a win.

Michigan (7-3) at Iowa (6-4) 12:00 Big Ten

Does anyone else find it slightly amazing that Kirk Ferentz gets paid $3.9M per year to consistently put a pretty mediocre football team on the field?  Everything about this game sounds boring.

Chattanooga (8-3) at #1 Alabama (10-0) 3:30

The #1 team in the country is really testing themselves in November.  There should be a rule that scheduling an FCS opponent in November automatically disqualifies you from the BCS.

#12 Texas A&M (8-2) at #22 LSU (7-3) 3:30 CBS

CBS isn't going to let JFF escape untelevised.  In their defense he is pretty fun to watch.

BYU (7-3) at Notre Dame (7-3) 3:30 NBC

Can the Irish find it within themselves to send the Seniors out with a win in their last home game?  Will the turf hold up at Notre Dame Stadium?  Will this be the last time we see a natural surface at Notre Dame Stadium?  I'm a little concerned about the BYU rushing attack.  The Irish defense will have to keep the BYU ground game in check and the offense will have to take care of the football.  If ND can do those two things this should be a W.  Full previews from the staff are on the way.

Indiana (4-6) at #3 Ohio State (10-0) 3:30 ABC

tOSU has to beat Indiana, Michigan, and most likely Michigan State in the B1G title game to finish Urban Meyer's second season without a loss.  Right now I'm just rooting for any scenario that leaves Ohio State out of the BCS Championship.  Baylor getting in would be a fun bonus.

#19 Wisconsin (8-2) at #25 Minnesota (8-2) 3:30 ESPNU

Paul Bunyan's Axe!  Fun facts.  Minnesota leads this series 58-56-8 but the Badgers have won 9 straight against the Golden Gophers.  The last time that both of these teams came into this game ranked was in 2005.  The Gophers head into this game riding a 4 game conference winning streak.  Will the momentum help Minnesota extend that winning streak to 5 games?

Nebraska (7-3) at Penn State (6-4) 3:30 Big Ten

Bo Pelini's seat is getting warmer every week.  If Nebraska enters the coaching search with USC, and potentially Texas, it will be really interesting to see who they will be able to hire.  I seem to remember the Husker faithful scoffing at the idea of hiring Brian Kelly a few years back...

Idaho (1-9) at #2 Florida State (10-0) 3:30 ESPNU

This should work out great for the Vandals.

Vanderbilt (6-4) at Tennessee (4-6) 7:00 ESPN 2

The battle for Tennessee!  This is one of those rivalries that is so intense that nobody ever even bothered to name it.  Surely they could have come up with some Tennessee pride name for this game right?  A cool trophy maybe?  How about something like Vandy vs. Tennessee in the Smoky Mountain Graceland Dollywood Barbeque Moon Pie Bowl?  The winner could take home the Ol' Whiskey Barrel.

Kentucky (2-8) at Georgia (6-4) 7:00 ESPNU

I still feel bad for those Georgia DB's that served up the tip drill that beat themselves at Auburn last weekend.  What a way to lose a game.  This game should make them feel a little better.

#8 Missouri (9-1) at Ole Miss (7-3) 7:45 ESPN

Ole Miss should be able to make a game out of this.  South Carolina fans will all be Rebels on Saturday night.

#4 Baylor (9-0) at #10 Oklahoma State (9-1) 8:00 ABC

The Big 12 title, and a potential BCS berth, will be on the line for both teams when they mix it up under the lights in Stillwater on Saturday Night.  As much as everyone has enjoyed Baylor's run to 9-0 the Pokes have been lying in wait as the most legitimate threat on the Baylor schedule.  Mike Gundy and his squad will undoubtedly be ready to trade punches with Briles and the Bears.  This game has the potential to turn into one of those 100+ point style shootouts.  I can't wait to watch it.

Kansas (3-7) at Iowa State (1-9) 8:00 Fox Sports 1

Oh FS1 you are really trying to get into the game!  tWWL and ABC will be chuckling at your expense on Saturday night.  Why is this game being televised by anyone?

Washington (6-4) at Oregon State (6-4) 10:30 ESPN 2

UDub will head to Corvallis in the Pac 12 nightcap.  Maybe the fog will roll in.  That always makes those late night Beaver games fun to watch.

What else should we be trying to keep an eye on?  See you in the open threads on Saturday.