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Trick Shot Wednesday: BYU Week

Your cure for the bye week blues. Again.

"Ooohhh, shiny..."
"Ooohhh, shiny..."
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another installment of Trick Shot Wednesday, dear readers! To be honest, I wasn't sure how many people would show up, given the fact that many treated our 7-3 record as a catastrophe of the highest order. [Those who were ND students in 2007 are shaking their heads and muttering angrily.] Hopefully the bye week was just as helpful for us fans as it was for our beloved Fighting Irish--if nothing else, at least we all got a chance to refill our heart medicine, right?

In an effort to gain some comic relief/closure after the loss to Pitt, last week's TSW offered us a chance to put a humorous spin on one of several game-changing moments: a...somewhat questionable pass interference call on B-Jax. It says a lot about our little commentariat that people were able to make good use of such a cathartic opportunity (even if Eric's Gary Gray reference DID rip open wounds that many of us thought had been healed...) and have some light-heartedness about the whole thing. Among the various suggested captions were a zinger about uniform pants, pointing out several faces in the crowd (including Neil Armstrong, Santa Claus, and the young lady from Oklahoma), and a jab at CubsFan1957 for being incredibly ancient of the elderly persuasion. However, the winning caption was a perfectly-placed seven-word observation that had entered the OFD Lexicon mere hours beforehand:


Congrats, Cyrish21! Your brevity and wit--which were sorely needed after the preceding weekend's events--have rightfully earned you a spot in the annals of the weekly OFD Pseudo-Monarchy. If you'd like to get the team back on track by installing field turf, removing the screen pass, or "targeting" people who make boneheaded calls, then yours is the power to do so. [OFD disclaimer: Dear lawyers, whatever he did, we're not responsible. Probably.]


Speaking of getting back on track, we'll follow the same format of our first post-bye week TSW by cleansing our palates with a non-ND entry. Whereas last time featured Cal-UCLA punting hijinks, this time we elected to deflate the egos of two of the nation's top teams in Oregon and Stanford. This well-timed photo depicts Ducks QB Marcus Mariota seconds before being MAULED by the Stanford D-line and subsequently fumbling the ball. If your know-nothing-about-football cousin sent you an email with this photo and a subject line "plz halp me wat is going on hear??!?", how would you respond?

As always, submit all your ideas and click the shiny gold stars to vote. See you guys in the comments--and GET EXCITED, it's BYU Week! Go Irish!