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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 12

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Huskies at the Rose Bowl, Miami in Durham, the Dawgs in Auburn, and the Trees in the Coliseum.

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Let's hope we can all kick back, enjoy the bye week, and watch some football free from terror.


Week 11 was pretty brutal for most of us. I know it was for me as I went 8-15 against the spread. Major props to aheadofme for winning the week with a nice 14-9 record. We're all still chasing tjv in the overall standings as he maintains a 6-game lead.

Now for this week's games...

Washington (+2.5) at UCLA

Pick: Washington

UCLA is banged up and really hasn't looked great for the past month. Washington got some mojo back in recent weeks blasting the dregs of the Pac-12. I think the Huskies are due for a big win to get Sarkisian back in that USC coaching search.

UCF (-16.5) at Temple

Pick: UCF

The Knights are a couple plays away from beating South Carolina and possibly going 12-0 this season. This spread doesn't seem very high and that's probably because Temple has shown some fight in recent games against SMU and Rutgers only losing those games by a combined 13 points. I still like Bortles and that strong UCF offense to have no problems here.

Maryland (+16) at Virginia Tech

Pick: Virginia Tech

The Hokies got a huge win over Miami last week and Maryland has been in free-fall mode since the start of October. At least the Terps have that win over Virginia. Man, Virginia. What the heck happened?

Washington State (+12.5) at Arizona

Pick: Washington State

I would imagine that both of these teams will be scoring a lot of points. In a shootout it can be hard to cover by nearly two touchdowns.

Miami (-3) at Duke

Pick: Miami

I just refuse to believe Duke is good enough for a 10-win season and a win here makes it a lot more likely than you think. This might be the biggest home game for the Blue Devils in years, though. Something to think about.

Michigan State (-6.5) at Nebraska

Pick: Michigan State

State has found their offense and they should be able to strangle Nebraska's Martinez-less offense, no problem. This does feel like a possible upset game because Lincoln can be a tough place to play but nothing about the Huskers game this year makes me really believe that.

Michigan (+3) at Northwestern

Pick: Michigan

Something is broken at Michigan but I keep believing they'll wake up before this season is over. Am I naive? Someone has to win this game.

Georgia (+3.5) at Auburn

Pick: Georgia

Auburn feels a little like Duke to me in the sense that they just can't be THIS good right now. I think Richt can get his defense to slow down that productive Tiger running game and Murray should pace a nice offensive effort on the other side of the ball.

South Alabama (+8) at Navy

Pick: Navy

South Alabama is a lot better than most people realize but I'm still taking the Middies.

Florida (+13.5) at South Carolina

Pick: South Carolina

This game should be a blowout. I'm sure Spurrier would like nothing more. If only things in college happened the way we all they would. Watch the Gators spring some dominating upset!

Texas Tech (+27) at Baylor

Pick: Baylor

Tech has been exposed lately and Baylor has me convinced their defense is legit enough to prevent a back-door cover. We'll probably see an un-holy shootout or Tech throwing 6 interceptions and Baylor winning by 97 points.

Houston (+16) at Louisville

Pick: Houston

Louisville has been sleepwalking through their weak schedule. I think this game might catch them by surprise a little bit and be too close for comfort.

Texas State (+7.5) at Arkansas State

Pick: Texas State

Is this Division 1-A? Is this real life?

Alabama (-24.5) at Miss State

Pick: Alabama

You tell me why the Tide won't cover.

Stanford (-4) at USC

Pick: Stanford

I'm seeing a lot of love for USC's "resurgence" under Orgeron and even some calls for an upset of the Cardinal this week. Not buying it for one second.

Oregon State (+14) at Arizona State

Pick: Oregon State

I'll take a flyer here and say the Beavers continue their unbeaten streak on the road and play well in the desert. Oregon State's defense isn't very good but their offense could keep them in this game if they don't get too one dimensional.

San Jose State (-7.5) at Nevada

Pick: San Jose State

Man, Nevada is reeling big time. 5 straight losses!