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College Football Viewer's Guide: Week 10

The home stretch.

Is Miami ready for this?
Is Miami ready for this?
Streeter Lecka

As October draws to a close temperatures drop and depth charts get tested. Wins and losses will continue to shuffle teams up and down the polls until we reach the final iteration of the BCS standings. This weekend will be no exception.

Let's get to the business of taking a look at the lineup.

If any of you are looking for full TV schedules I suggest the link below.

*All times listed are EST.

Rankings are per the BCS Standings

Wednesday October 30th

Cincinnati (5-1) at Memphis (1-5) 8:00 ESPN2

Wednesday night football. Yes!

Thursday October 31st

South Florida (2-5) at Houston (6-1) 7:00 ESPN

Trick or treat? I suppose that depends on who you are rooting for.

Arizona State (5-2) at Washington State (4-4) 10:30 ESPN

Sparky has a pretty good football team but I won't be surprised if the Dread Pirate gives them a run for their money in Pullman.

Friday November 1st

USC (5-3) at Oregon State (6-2) 9:00 ESPN2

This game has potential. Ed Orgeron is holding what's left of this USC team together with scotch tape, paper mache, a case of Rip Its, and a few walk-ons that were working as stadium ushers a couple of weeks ago. Somehow the Trojans still managed to beat Utah 19-3 last week. Can they trade punches with a solid Beaver squad that is coming off of a tough loss to Stanford?

Saturday November 2nd

#24 Wisconsin (5-2) at Iowa (5-3) 12:00 ABC/ESPN2

Iowa will drop this game and at least one more. It's the law.

Virginia Tech (6-2) at Boston College (3-4) 12:00 ABC/ESPN2

Did Virginia Tech really take a home loss to Duke last weekend or did I just imagine that? Does Beamer have a lifetime pass?

Illinois (3-4) at Penn State (4-3) 12:00 ESPN

Just thinking about this game makes me sleepy.

Army (3-5) at Air Force (1-7) 12:00 ESPNU

Another Commander-in-Chief's Trophy game! Army hasn't won the CIC trophy since 1996! Navy has already beaten Air Force so if Army can do the same the trophy will be on the line when the Cadets play Navy in December.

Navy (4-3) at #25 Notre Dame (6-2) 3:30 NBC

On Saturday Notre Dame will host Navy in the 87th meeting between the two programs. The Notre Dame record against Navy is 73-12-1 but Notre Dame fans are still smarting from Navy victories in 2007, 2009 and 2010. Full previews and some history are inbound from the staff.

Florida (4-3) vs Georgia (4-3) *Jacksonville, FL 3:30 CBS

The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is one of those monikers that is so awesome that even officially banning it 100 times won't kill it. Both of these teams are limping into this game so I'm officially considering it a toss up. I'm guessing that nobody thought that either of these teams would be .500 after this game though.

#21 Michigan (6-1) at #22 Michigan State (7-1) 3:30 ABC

Sparty will win this game by two touchdowns and make Notre Dame fans insane in the process of doing so. Did we really screw around and lose that Michigan game? Really?

#8 Clemson (7-1) at Virginia (2-6) 3:30 ESPN

Virginia has a pretty good recruiting class on the hook but Mike London is struggling to win games. The vultures are circling. The Hoos will be 2-7 after this one.

Iowa State (1-6) at Kansas State (3-4) 3:30 FOX Sports 1

Paul Rhoads vs. the Wraith Bill Snyder. That has to make for some quality entertainment of some kind right?

West Virginia (3-5) at TCU (3-5) 3:30 ESPNU

It seems like just yesterday that both of these teams were pretty good.

Northwestern (4-4) at Nebraska (5-2) 3:30 BigTen

Pat Fitzgerald and the Cats are on a 4 game skid. In Huskerville Bo Pelini's seat is getting progressively warmer after a loss to Minnesota last weekend. Taylor Martinez is hurt again, and Pelini's fate now rests with redshirt freshman quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. The real irony is that if Armstrong had started against Minnesota the Huskers might have won that game.

#11 Auburn (7-1) at Arkansas (3-5) 6:00 ESPN2

A tale of two first year coaches.

Tennessee (4-4) at #9 Missouri (7-1) 7:00 ESPN

It has been four days and I still feel bad for Mizzu's kicker. I hope that poor guy and the rest of Pinkel's bunch get back on track here.

#18 Oklahoma State (6-1) at #15 Texas Tech (7-1) 7:00 FOX

The Big 12 schedule is such that Gundy, Kliff, Stoops, Briles & Mack will close out the season by playing a last man standing round robin. It will be fun to see how it all unfolds. The feature game this week will be this little gem in Lubbock. Who would win in a fake shootout between Raider Red and Pistol Pete? Nevermind. I expected Kingsbury and Co. to lose in Norman last week but they actually put up a pretty good fight. These two teams are pretty evenly matched but I'm thinking the Craig James Society gets the best of T. Boone here. Regardless this should be an entertaining football game.

Pittsburgh (4-3) at Georgia Tech (5-3) 7:00 ESPNU

Dear Pitt, it would be helpful if you would win this game. Thanks.

Colorado (3-4) at UCLA (5-2) 7:30 Fox Sports 1

Is this really the best option that FS1 had in prime time?

#7 Miami FL (7-0) at #3 Florida State (7-0) 8:00 ABC

This is one of those "big games" that will likely just get out of hand in a hurry. At least everyone will be able to listen to Musburger and Herbstreit babble about who will play Alabama in the BCS Championship for 3 1/2 hours.

UTEP (1-6) at #12 Texas A&M (6-2) 9:00 ESPN2

Really? Johnny Footbaw run ruling the Miners is on the deuce? Does he really turn that many TV's on?

Nevada (3-5) at #16 Fresno State (7-0) 10:30 ESPNU

The green V's will keep rolling.

What else should we be trying to keep an eye on? See you in the open threads on Saturday.