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The Doing Good Things™ Report, Volume 2

With the regular season two-thirds of the way complete we revisit the programs doing good things and those not.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the second edition of The Doing Good Things Report for 2013. Back in September we published Volume 1 and now it's time for the late October re-mix. Let's take a look at the best, worst, and everything in between from this season as it stands right now.

Doing Good Things

Baylor (7-0)

Only in 21st Century college football can you get to November without having played a top 80 team. Now, averaging 64 points per game through 7 tilts is still impressive but we'll find out more about the Bears down the stretch.

UCF (6-1)

They nearly upset South Carolina a few weeks back and did in fact upset Louisville. If they can beat Houston in a couple weeks after a bye the Knights might not lose another game during the regular season.

Fresno State (7-0)

They've had some close calls and they really aren't dominating anyone but undefeated is undefeated. A road trip to Wyoming might be their only tough test the rest of the way, or will they trip up somewhere else like Nevada this weekend?

Florida State (7-0)

Normally, national powers don't make this list because they are expected to be good but I'm making an exception for the 'Noles. That trip to Boston College was a blip but otherwise they've destroyed everyone else.

Texas (5-2)

From the NDGT list to the DGT list? Say what? Yeah, that's right the Longhorns have won 4 straight, upset Oklahoma a couple weeks ago, and should be undefeated in the Big 12 until their last three games of the season.

Houston (6-1)

The Cougars are bouncing back from a 5-7 season last year. They suffered a heart breaking 1-point loss to BYU not long ago and they still have a few tough matchups to go for 2013, though.

Ball State (8-1)

The Cardinals went 9-4 last year and might best that record in 2013. Lots of chirping going on out there.

Northern Illinois (8-0)

Speaking of Ball State they'll visit NIU in a couple weeks in what could decide the MAC champion and a possible BCS bid for the Huskies.

Being Eyed Optimistically

Texas Tech (7-1)

They finally played a tough team and lost but Kingsbury has been a surprise this year in Lubbock. All is not lost.

Missouri (7-1)

I can't even imagine an undefeated Notre Dame team losing in the fashion that Missouri did. Keep your head up, Tigers. You can still do some great things this season.

Duke (6-2)

The Blue Devils are bowl eligible for the second year in a row. I'm pretty sure witchcraft is involved.

Michigan State (7-1)

If the Spartans can get past Michigan this weekend they could realistically win 11 games. They've even found some offense in recent weeks...sort of!

Minnesota (6-2)

The Gophers have back-to-back wins over Northwestern and Nebraska and suddenly their bowl eligible. 7 wins might be their ceiling but this is a very nice season for them right now.

Tulane (6-2)

Nick Montana is getting it done down in the Bayou. Enough said.

Buffalo (6-2)

The Bulls gave Ohio State all they could handle and then got their doors blown off by Baylor. Since then they've ripped off 6 straight and might make the MAC title game.

Being Eyed Skeptically

Miami (7-0)

Boy, that Florida win really isn't holding up that well and the past few weeks have been very ugly for the Canes. A trip to Tallahassee this weekend should be super fun.

Illinois (3-4)

The Illini were being eyed optimistically in volume one but no more after suffering 3 blowout losses in the Big 10.

USC (5-3)

We'll be skeptical all season, I am sure.

TCU (3-5)

Things are not going well in Forth Worth right now. The Frogs are now officially under .500 (10-11) since moving up to the Big 12 last year.

Utah (4-4)

That win against Stanford was great but what's not to so great is a 1-4 record in Pac-12 play.

Vanderbilt (4-4)

Vanderbilt is a lot like Utah in that they have one big conference win (Georgia) but it's their only win in league play. The Commodores are also 1-4

Not Doing Good Things

Northwestern, Virginia Tech, Nebraska (15-8)

Northwestern because they've lost 4 straight and are now 0-4 in the Big 10, Virginia Tech because they just lost at home to Duke, and Nebraska because they just lost to Minnesota for the first time since 1960. Ya'll are not doing good things right now.

UConn (0-7)

This team almost beat Michigan. They've also suffered 5 double-digit losses and were just creamed by UCF 62-17. This has to be one of the most unappealing jobs in the country.

Kansas (2-5)

Well, Charlie Weis does have wins over South Dakota and Louisiana Tech. Then there's that pesky losing streak in conference play that has stretched to 13 games for Weis and 25 games for the Jayhawk program. Not being able to score 20 points in any of their conference games this season is a really good indicator that Chuck isn't turning around anything anytime soon.

Southern Miss (0-7)

I'll repeat this again: This program was 12-2 in 2011. They've now lost 19 games in a row. We're not too far away from Brett Favre taking over down in Hattiesburg.

Miami [OH] (0-8)

The Don Treadwell era last 2.5 seasons in Oxford after he started this season 0-5. Overall, Treadwell was 8-21 with the RedHawks. The team hasn't exactly rallied around interim head coach Mike Bath.

Temple (1-7)

The Owls only win was against Army. They have suffered 4 losses by 10 points or less, though. Growing pains of a new coaching staff, right?

Virginia (2-6)

Mr. Doing Good Things himself Mike London has made his way to the naughty list. Somehow the Cavaliers began the season with a win over BYU but now Virginia is 0-4 in the ACC and they are in danger of going 0-8 with Clemson, UNC, Miami, and Virginia Tech still left. London has been recruiting really well but does he make it to January with a 2-14 record in the ACC over the last two seasons?

Purdue (1-6)

Very likely the worst Purdue team in 20 years.

Arkansas (3-5)

Should a 3-win team be on this list? They should be when you're in the SEC and your only wins are over Lafayette, Samford, and Southern Miss. The Razorbacks lost to Rutgers and have started 0-4 in league play including being outscored 104-7 in their last two games.

Western Michigan, FIU, New Mexico State, Georgia State (3-29)

These teams are so, so bad. Nothing more need be said.