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Trick Shot Wednesday: Navy Week

"Rees would be PERFECT for my Air Raid offense." --Mike Leach

"Why, I oughta..."
"Why, I oughta..."
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, you guys. I know that we pride ourselves on doing as little MATH as possible here at One Foot Down, but I gave in and decided to throw some stats together. Here are a few numerical observations from last week's historic TSW Article That Officially Started The Internet's Ridiculously Photogenic Cam McDaniel Craze:

Total number of rec's: 515 (NEW OFD RECORD)
Average rec's per comment: 2.91 (TSW record), 177 comments
Green'd comments: 34 (TSW record) (possible OFD record?)
Top 10 Rec-getters (from green'd comments only):

  1. FDM: 91
  2. ndmspaint: 70
  3. fishoutofwater: 39
  4. The Brothers Rigney: 20
  5. burger23: 20
  6. clearwall: 20
  7. Eric Murtaugh: 18
  8. jo_rae: 16
  9. Jim Miesle: 15
  10. JumboTurf: 14
Before we go any further, I want all of you awesome people to stop and give yourselves a round of applause for a job very, very well done--last week was proof that without you folks around, this site would be kind of super-lame.

Unfortunately, there can be only one winning caption...and with a TSW-record 32 rec's earned, fishoutofwater won it in style by proposing an important change to the rulebook:


I believe Fish is our first Queen of the Commentariat (like she wasn't already!), but there can be only one crown...sorry, No-Longer-King occtipus. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!


Boy, it'll be tough to top last week's outing, eh? Don't take it too badly if you have a letdown week for this one--just think of it as "taking one for the team" so that the real team doesn't have their own letdown! This week's TSW entry gives us a classic pregame handshake photo between Brian Kelly and Air Force HC Troy Calhoun. So, it's just a plain old handshake, nothing fancy about it. Yep. Absolutely nothing caption-worthy going on here. As boring as boring can be. Can't think of a single humorous caption that could be put on a handshake photo. PROVE ME WRONG, COMMENTARIAT.

Caption aweigh away, vote with gold stars, and see you in the comments! BEAT NAVY!