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College Football Viewer's Guide: Week 6

This lineup is more like it.

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Will the Irish defense find an answer for Marion Grice?
Will the Irish defense find an answer for Marion Grice?
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

This Saturday Notre Dame will host Arizona State at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas for the 2013 installment of the Shamrock Series. This is now a very big game for the Fighting Irish as a loss would leave the team at .500 heading into the bye week.

In addition to Notre Dame vs. Arizona State there is actually a pretty decent lineup of games to watch this weekend. I'm going to have to find a good place to watch the early games before roaming the tailgate on Saturday. For those of you that aren't heading to Arlington this weekend a good sports bar or a multiple TV setup would be a good call for this Saturday. The lineup has the potential to be pretty entertaining.

If any of you are looking for full TV schedules I suggest the link below.

*All times listed are EST.

Rankings are per the USA Today Coaches Poll

Thursday October 3rd

Texas (2-2) at Iowa State (1-2) 7:30 ESPN

DeLoss Dodds is out and Mack Brown is undoubtedly in his final days at the helm in Austin. Will Paul Rhoads accelerate Mack's exit? Probably not but it would make for an interesting start to the weekend.

#13 UCLA (3-0) at Utah (3-1) 10:00 Fox Sports 1

This should be a good football game. Too bad nobody will stay up to watch it.

Friday October 4th

BYU (2-2) at Utah State (3-2) 8:00 CBS Sports Network

This could be a sneaky good football game too. Have you watched Chuckie Keeton play this season? He's pretty fun to watch.

Nevada (3-2) at San Diego State (1-3) 9:00 ESPNU

This game is not so good. I honestly don't even know why I bothered listing it.

Saturday October 5th

Air Force (1-4) at Navy (2-1) 11:30 CBS

This will be the first game in the 2013 Commander-in-Chief's Trophy series. Navy should take care of business in this one if they actually get to play the game. As of now it sounds like the government shutdown may keep Air Force from making the trip. If that happens I would anticipate this game being re-scheduled in December. Perhaps the service academies could turn that into their own little CIC playoff or something.

Maryland (4-0) at #8 Florida State (4-0) 12:00 ESPN

People started believing the Turtle hype after West Virginia forgot to show up in College Park a couple of weeks ago. This game will be a much better measuring stick for the Terps. Jameis Winston. He's good.

Michigan State (3-1) at Iowa (4-1) 12:00 ESPN2

Sparty gets back into action after a bye week. Iowa knocked off Minnesota last weekend but I still don't think that the Hawkeyes are very good.

#22 Texas Tech (4-0) at Kansas (2-1) 12:00 FOX Sports 1

Kliff Kingsbury vs. Chuck Weis sounds interesting to me. The young gun vs. the old guy with the Super Bowl rings. Who will have the decided schematic advantage? Will it turn out to be the guy that doesn't have a playbook?

Illinois (3-1) at Nebraska (3-1) 12:00 ESPNU

In the wake of Lane Kiffin getting fired, and the storm brewing at Texas, Bo Pelini slipped back into the shadows a little bit. That won't last long if he can't be the Illini.

Georgia State (0-4) at #1 Alabama (4-0) 12:00

Seriously? Bama should automatically drop 5 spots in the polls just for scheduling this game.

#6 Georgia (3-1) at Tennessee (3-2) 3:30 CBS

Too bad Georgia dropped their opener to Clemson. After knocking off LSU last weekend the Dogs look like they will likely get back to the SEC title game. Remember when everyone was talking about Mark Richt being on the hot seat a couple of years ago?

Minnesota (4-1) at #17 Michigan (4-0) 3:30 ABC/ ESPN2

Michigan followed up a week 2 victory over Notre Dame with a couple of narrow escapes against Akron and UCONN. Did anyone notice that UCONN also just fired Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni? I guess they wanted to get out in front of Texas too. As for Michigan will Ol' 98 and company take care of business or will they let Minnesota hang around in this one? I still can't believe that Gardner is playing QB wearing 98. It just looks so wrong.

#4 Clemson (4-0) at Syracuse (2-2) 3:30 ABC/ESPN2

Clemson is going to pull a Clemson soon right? It's the law.

Kansas State (2-2) at #20 Oklahoma State (3-1) 3:30 ABC/

I'm trying to be interested in this game but it just isn't happening...

Georgia Tech (3-1) at #14 Miami FL (4-0) 3:30 ESPNU

Virginia Tech kept the Jackets in check last week but can Miami do the same? I'm still not sure just how good either of these teams are to be honest. Perhaps this game will help me form a more definitive opinion.

TCU (2-2) at #10 Oklahoma (4-0) 7:00 FOX

TCU has a pretty good football team but it looks like they are going to be 2-3 by Saturday night. That's a tough start to the season for Patterson and the Frogs.

#11 LSU (4-1) at Mississippi State (2-2) 7:00 ESPN

How much longer will they let Dan Mullen hang around in Starkville?

Arkansas (3-2) at #19 Florida (3-1) 7:00 ESPN2

Has Will Muschamp had any good rants yet this season? Hopefully he and Bret Bielema get into it from across the field.

#24 Arizona State (3-1) vs Notre Dame (3-2) (Arlington, TX) 7:30 NBC

Arizona State will be the 13th team to attempt to beat USC and Notre Dame in back to back weeks. Thus far none of those teams have been successful. Here's to hoping that it stays that way on Saturday night.

The game will be played at Jerryworld and as a Shamrock Series game the Irish will be taking the field wearing THIS uniform. Not to be outdone Arizona State will be wearing THIS. Yes those are flame covered helmets that look more like scrambled eggs.

As for the actual football game the Irish are going to be tested. On Defense Notre Dame will have their hands full with an Arizona State attack that does a lot of things well. On offense the Irish are going to need to be able to run the football and control the clock. The good news is that they should be able to do that against this Arizona State defense. I anticipate that will be the gameplan as a shootout isn't likely to end in Notre Dame's favor. Full previews from the staff coming soon.

#3 Ohio State (5-0) at #15 Northwestern (4-0) 8:00 ABC

I really don't see Ohio State losing a game this season. After this game they won't play another ranked team until they face Michigan in the season finale. I don't know if I'm ready to watch Urbz play for another title.

West Virginia (3-2) at #16 Baylor (3-0) 8:00 FOX Sports 1

The Mountaineers woke up against Okie Light last weekend. Are the Fighting Holgos ready to get into a shootout with Baylor? Naaaahhh.

Washington (4-0) at #5 Stanford (4-0) 10:30 ESPN

This game has the potential to be pretty awesome. I'm thinking that the trees get a little payback for the upset in Seattle last season. Regardless this nightcap should be worth keeping an eye on.

What else should we be trying to keep an eye on? See you in the open thread on Saturday.