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Trick Shot Wednesday: Arizona State Week

"Oh, come ON! I've been standing on this road with my thumb out since SUNDAY!" --Coach-Emeritus Lane Kiffin

Jonathan Daniel

Yes, it's that magical time of the week again! We're back with our third installment of Trick Shot Wednesday--that venue for the OFD community to gather as one and console each other's post-loss anger via hearty laughter (usually at an opponent's expense). Before we look at this week's offering of schadenfreude and whimsy, let us view the results of last week's TSW (featuring Louis Nix III ripping the helmet off of an MSU running back).

To summarize: Goodness gracious. Following the MSU Week blowout by SilentVerbal (thanks for being a just and wise King, btw), last week's TSW featured an incredibly tight race between several extremely deserving candidates. Honorable mentions [for the record, I rec'd all of these except mine] go to Fres-Yes' search for Shembo's bike seat; the photo essay by yours truly; pburns2010's classic quote from Dumb and Dumber (which spawned a subthread that rivaled the previous week's liturgical translations); and occtipus' hilarious idea for a hot new Pez product. After engaging in this brawl for an entire week, one caption emerged from the pile bloody and bruised, but victorious:


The more I read this, the more I realize how perfectly it all fits. Well done, jchrapek (how do you pronounce that, anyways?)--you have earned the glory that is rightfully yours as this week's King Of The Commentariat. Don't let us unmask you masquerading as the Sun Devil or something equally sinister.

"But Mo!", you're surely all clamoring. "How can we possibly have a joyous TSW when we just lost a game that has exposed us as baldfaced frauds with a turrible QB and teh worst DC evar??" Fear not, beloved Maniacs--if there's one thing I've learned from living in Old Testament times, it's the lesson that God can bring goodness, light, and joy out of even the blackest depths of despair. So without further ado, I present Tarean Folston diving for the pylon as the OU cheerleaders watch with some...amusing expressions.

You know the rules by now: Submit whatever clever comments pop into your heads, and vote for your favorite(s) by gold-starring it up. Cheer up, everyone--this season ain't over by a long shot!