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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 7

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And on the seventh week the Irish rested, but our pick 'em does not.

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The bye week means you can watch more of other teams.


Congratulations to Jim Miesle and dannan14 for leading the week 6 picks with a 17-7 record. We're still all chasing tjv who heads into this weekend with a 7 game lead.

Now for this week's picks...

Pittsburgh (+9) at Virginia Tech

Pick: Pittsburgh

Pitt's defense has been pretty sketchy so far this season---housed by FSU and gave up 82 points combined to Duke & New Mexico---but I just don't trust Logan Thomas and a bad rushing offense to cover, even at home. Plus, this is an early noon game where both teams might get off to a slow start.

Indiana (+9.5) at Michigan State

Pick: Indiana

I don't feel great about this pick as the Hoosiers might still be suffering from a hangover after beating Penn State by 20 points(!) last week. I really respect the MSU defense, but there are still so many questions about their offense. Plus, IU has been able to put points on the board in all of their games. The Hoosiers might only get 16 points max in this game but it should be enough to cover.

Nebraska (-14.5) at Purdue

Pick: Nebraska

The only thing that brings me caution is the young defense for Nebraska. Otherwise, I'm comfortably with the Corn rolling here.

Oklahoma (-14) at Texas

Pick: Texas

This really isn't a gut feeling as much as it is a contrarian pick. Everyone expects OU to blow the doors off Texas and send Mack Brown off with a pink slip Sunday morning. Brown has too much cockroach in him!

Eastern Michigan (+7.5) at Army

Pick: Army

EMU has been soundly defeated by their last 4 opponents. I'll pick a solid win for the USMA.

South Florida (+5.5) at UConn

Pick: South Florida

Wow, Vegas has to be incredibly low on South Florida right now. The Bulls beat Cincinnati last week and are still underdogs against winless UConn coming off a blowout versus Buffalo! I'll take the points and hope for Aaron Lynch's breakout game, baby.

South Carolina (-6) at Arkansas

Pick: Arkansas

I believe this game kicks off at 11:30 AM local time. Who knows if Clowney will play. Sign me up for continuing distractions lingering, Connor Shaw getting hurt like he always does, and maybe an outright upset by the Hogs.

Navy (+3) at Duke

Pick: Duke

You know my rule. Navy versus major conference spread offense---yes even Duke counts---equals a solid win for said major conference team.

Buffalo (-11) at Western Michigan

Pick: Buffalo

UB is a solid MAC program this season and Western has been a tire fire at 0-6 and 15 points scored per game.

Virginia (+7.5) at Maryland

Pick: Maryland

Tough pick here but I'll go with Maryland to bounce back from their thrashing against Florida State and pick up another ACC win.

Northwestern (+10.5) at Wisconsin

Pick: Wisconsin

There are too many signs pointing to a comfortable Badger victory in this one. Both teams are coming off close losses to Ohio State but Wisconsin has been resting off a bye week. I also think the Badgers really match up well against NW.

Florida (+7) at LSU

Pick: Florida

I have two of my rules going against each other here. The first is with two good SEC teams the one that is undefeated will probably lose. The other, with two good SEC teams take the points. Ultimately I think the Gators lose and suffer their first SEC loss but stay close with the Bayou Bengals.

San Jose State (+3.5) at Colorado State

Pick: Colorado State

What the heck happened to David Foles this year? He was supposed to be the sneaky good NFL prospect but he's played terribly this season. Something isn't right with the Spartans this year and it's most likely a new head coach.

Georgia State (+17.5) at Troy

Pick: Troy

Yeah, Georgia State is the worst team in FBS right now. And that's saying something with about a dozen truly awful teams out there. I have to think Troy has enough to cover.

Oregon (-14) at Washington

Pick: Oregon

Washington is improving and they've been a nice story this year but I'm real excited to watch an Oregon team that might have to actually keep the pedal down well into the second half.

Michigan (-2) at Penn State

Pick: Michigan

Penn State is just an average team right now. Hackenberg and Robinson are doing good things through the air but the rest of the team is just so, so average. Michigan has got their stuff together after a couple poor performances and should win by a couple scores in Happy Valley.

Stanford (-9) at Utah

Pick: Stanford

I have no idea what to make of Utah this year. So I'm picking the Cardinal to get another workman-like victory and cover.

Idaho (+24.5) at Arkansas State

Pick: Idaho

Screw it, I'm taking the points.

Georgia Tech (+7) at BYU

Pick: Georgia Tech

Only because BYU's record against major conference teams with a pulse probably isn't all that good in recent years. I'm too lazy to check that but I believe it to be true.

Hawaii (+9.5) at UNLV

Pick: Hawaii

Hawaii is another winless team---one of seven teams that haven't notched a victory yet this season. I do like them to play well enough to cover in Las Vegas.

Boise State (-7) at Utah State

Pick: Boise State

Chuckie Keeton is hurt and Chris Petersen has to keep impressing the USC administration.

Texas A&M (-6) at Ole Miss

Pick: Texas A&M

No one respects Texas A&M's defense. I'm probably going to ride Manziel all season long though.

Oregon State (+1) at Washington State

Pick: Washington State

The Dread Pirate has done enough good things this year for me to pick his team. Wazzu could be 5-2 and 3-1 in conference play with a win here! Good for them!