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The Weekly Scoreboard: 2012 Winds Down

18 games this past week and one among us won only 3 of them.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


The 2012 season is almost over. We had a massive 18 games to pick this past week and only 3 more left to go including the national championship you might have heard about on Monday night.

Our own Jim Miesle and discndav led the way this week with 11-7 records.

Tough week for Alairish going 3-15!

Savannah_Domer once again sits a top the overall leaderboard.


1) Rice 33 at Air Force 14

Winner: Rice (+2.5)

20% picked correctly

Rice destroyed Air Force with nearly a +300 total yard advantage. Rice finishes at 7-6 and Air Force falls to 6-7 for their first sub .500 season since 2006.

2) West Virginia 14 at Syracuse 38

Winner: Syracuse (+3.5)

20% picked correctly

So ends a massively disappointing 2nd season for Holgo in Morgantown. The 'Neers finish at 7-6 in their first year in the Big 12 and will have a huge uphill battle next year with a new quarterback.

Geno Smith continued to put up good stats even in losses. His 2012 season was awesome according to the box score: 4,205 yards, 71.2%, 42 TD, 6 INT. That's pretty much Jimmy Clausen's 2009 on steroids.

Nice season for the Orange as they finish at 8-5, their second 8-win season under Marrone.

3) Navy 28 at Arizona State 62

Winner: Arizona State (-14.5)

64% picked correctly

Both teams finish 8-5 but the Sun Devils put up some offensive fireworks with all of their points in the first 3 quarters and they also raced out to a 48-7 lead.

4) Texas 31 at Oregon State 27

Winner: Texas (+3.5)

16% picked correctly

Nice comeback by the Horns to salvage their season a little bit to finish 9-4.

That's the same final record for the Beavers as they fell pretty hard late in the season.

5) TCU 16 at Michigan State 17

Winner: Michigan State (+2.5)

64% picked correctly

Another close game for Michigan State but this time they won!

The Spartans erased a 13-0 deficit to come back and win this one.

6) NC State 24 at Vanderbilt 38

Winner: Vanderbilt (-7.5)

92% picked correctly

A near lock pick for our contestants, good job everyone.

7) USC 7 at Georgia Tech 21

Winner: Georgia Tech (+8.5)

28% picked correctly


8) Iowa State 17 at Tulsa 31

Winner: Tulsa (+1.5)

64% picked correctly

The Golden Hurricane pick up their 4th 10+ win season in the last 6 seasons, and their second 11-win season since 2008.

Iowa State wasn't doing many good things this year with a 6-7 record.

9) LSU 24 at Clemson 25

Winner: Clemson (+4.5)

20% picked correctly

Clemson let a halftime lead slip away with a bad 3rd quarter but they came back with a strong 4th and completely shut down LSU and statistically dominated the Bayou Bengals.

Dabo & Co. doubled up LSU in yardage and ended up with a +226 advantage overall.

10) Miss State 20 at Northwestern 34

Winner: Northwestern (+1.5)

72% picked correctly

7 interceptions in this game...which is always fun.

Northwestern finishes 2012 at 10-3 and didn't even sniff a victory over an opponent anywhere closed to ranked.

You gotta love college football!

11) Purdue 14 at Oklahoma State 58

Winner: Oklahoma State (-16.5)

68% picked correctly

It's tough to win when you fall behind 45-0.

It's also tough to win when you're Purdue.

12) Georgia 45 at Nebraska 31

Winner: Georgia (-9.5)

76% picked correctly

Aaron Murray picks up his 2nd career win over a ranked team. 2-10 over 3 years, baby!


13) South Carolina 33 at Michigan 28

Winner: Michigan (+5.5)

12% picked correctly

LOL, no one ever picks Michigan here.

We got burned, but it's okay because we were gifted this for posterity:

14) Wisconsin 14 at Stanford 20

Winner: Wisconsin (+6.5)

16% picked correctly

Quite the defensive slugfest in the 2nd half, right?

Wisconsin's 6 losses are the most since 2008 when they went 7-6.

15) Northern Illinois 10 at Florida State 31

Winner: Florida State (-16.5)

56% picked correctly

I was surprised this many people picked the Huskies to cover. NIU's standout quarterback who was pretty high in the Heisman voting finished with 176 yards passing (on a dreadful 15 for 41, or 36.5%) and 44 yards rushing on 23 attempts.

Yup, that Seminole defense is still really good.

16) Louisville 33 at Florida 23

Winner: Louisville (+13.5)

40% picked correctly

This game wasn't as close as the score indicates.

What a way to end a 11-win season for the Gators.

17) Oregon 35 at Kansas State 17

Winner: Oregon (-9.5)

84% picked correctly

As expected, Kansas State couldn't keep up.

Boy did Collin Klein look bad in this one.

18) Texas A&M 41 at Oklahoma 13

Winner: Texas A&M (-4.5)

24% picked correctly

633 total yards for the Aggies, wow!

Manziel goes 200+ in both passing and rushing too. Insanity.