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The Big E College Football Picks: Bowl Week #4

This is the end of the contest.



One last go around until the Great Darkness comes and we wait for September to come again.

Who is going to win this thing?

Saturday, January 5th

*BBVA Compass Bowl*

Pittsburgh (+3.5) at Ole Miss

1:00 PM ET

Pick: Pittsburgh

There was no more up and down team this year than Pitt. A lot of that can be chalked up to a new head coach and trying to install some stability but that's largely been glossed over because of the loss to Notre Dame in triple OT.

Neither team has a great resume (understatement I know, but seriously each side beat 3(!) BCS schools a piece and end up bowling) but Pitt's is a little better in the win category with Va Tech and Rutgers.

Sunday, January 6th

* Bowl*

Kent State (+3.5) at Arkansas State

9:00 PM ET

Pick: Kent State

Arkansas State lost their coach so you know the struggles involved with that absence.

What a terrible, terrible time slot for this game. Not a single soul on the east coast is going to watch this stink bomb of a game the night before the big dance.

Monday, January 7th

*BCS National Championship*

Alabama (-9.5) at Notre Dame

8:00 PM ET

Pick: Notre Dame

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