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The Week In News: Cash, Conferences and Tweets

As we worked our way through week two of the Te'o hoax a few other interesting things popped up that I found to be worth taking look at.

Charlie Strong is all business
Charlie Strong is all business
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

You know how this works.

Starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

Charlie Strong took Louisville to the BCS and put the smack down on Florida. Now Charlie Strong is going to get paid. Louisville went big on this contract to make sure that Strong doesn't bolt for greener pastures in the near future. I suppose they got tired of Papa John's Stadium being used as a stepping stone. The deal makes Strong the 7th highest paid coach in college football.

Speaking of coaching salaries the mother ship put together a pretty interesting collection of 2012's most costly winners. Who sits at the top of the list? None other than Chuck Weis. Yeah, that guy. Isn't he still getting checks from Notre Dame too? Chuck knows how to get paid. Other notable names on the list include Kirk Ferentz, Mike Leach and Mack Brown. Good company.

The NCAA botched their investigation of Miami and are now investigating themselves. I believe that they are actually calling it an "external review" for those that are interested. This post from an "actual lawyer" explains this a little bit. If any of our resident lawyers want to clarify anything please feel free to do so in the comments.

Speaking of investigations Addicted to Quack has a great post up where they interviewed John Infante of the Bylaw Blog, about the NCAA investigation of Oregon and their relationship with Willie Lyles. The excerpt below is interesting.

In response to what was going on in men's basketball, the NCAA raised those requirements, and tried to distinguish between a recruiting service that was made in order to be an actual recruiting and scouting service versus one that was being used to funnel money, because what was happening in men's basketball was you would pay $5,000 to someone and you would get back xeroxed copies of something printed off, or you would get back the someone's height, weight, and then their evaluation would be 'high major,' 'mid major,' etc.

So what the NCAA did was they put all these additional requirements like if you're going to subscribe to this, it has to be the same price, it has to be more information than just demographics, it has to be sent out at least four times a year, so very technical requirements. Basically, what's come out is it appears that a lot of the service that Oregon bought from Willie Lyles did not appear to meet those requirements. So the question now is what did that mean, and how is the NCAA going to treat that violation?

Look you guys, the Mountain West has divisions and a championship game now. These are the things that happen when the WAC no longer plays football. This is all very sad for New Mexico State though. Not only did the WAC not want them but Head Coach DeWayne Walker also fled Las Cruces to be the secondary coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Last week we talked a little bit about how conferences would be jockeying for position in the next iteration of the bowl games. This week the Big 12 announced that it is discussing partnerships with the ACC And two other unnamed leagues. Could such alliances be the thing that finally stops all of the crazy conference expansion? Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby seems to think so.

"We've had conversations with three other leagues," Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby told the American-Statesman on Friday afternoon. "The ACC is one of them. It's a process of discovery that would provide some of the benefits of larger membership without actually adding members."

Pat Haden is standing by his guy Lane Kiffin. Now let's just hope he continues to stand by him for a long, long time.

You can't go more than a few weeks without the Dread Pirate Mike Leach stirring up a headline somewhere. This week he got some people riled up when he allegedly pulled an offer from a long time commit from DeSoto, Texas. You can add DeSoto High School to the long list of places that Leach has been banned from. Texas forever y'all.

On that Texas note did you all see this crazy video of Johnny Manziel and the Dude Perfect trick shot guys? If this is real, it is pretty incredible.

Have you all seen this De'Anthony Thomas Twitter piece from the mothership? This reminded me of how funny Big Louis Nix III's Twitter account is. Speaking of Irish Chocolate....

Big Louis Nix III has switched his jersey number to #1 for the 2013 season. Big Irish Chocolate even changed his Twitter handle to @ChocolateN1X to capture the essence of the swap. The Nix/ Toma #9 didn't stay available for long. The number will be passed on and once again it will be worn by two different players. Inbound freshmen Jaylon Smith and Mike Heuerman will both be rocking #9 next fall. Make Nix and Toma proud youz two.

What else? Oh yeah the Fighting Irish are hosting some big time visitors this weekend. Stay tuned for updates!

With all of the Te'o talk this week I tried to focus TWIN to topics other than the Te'o hoax again. But when it came to choosing the comment of the week OFD regular frank_grimes left me no choice but to post this one. Nicely done frank, nicely done.

Have a great weekend!