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The Weekly Scoreboard: All Hail Savannah_Domer

Savannah_Domer led the most weeks and takes the title this season.

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Here were are staring at the long road with no football. Only 8 more months to endure.

Congratulations to Savannah_Domer on winning this year's Big E Picks with a success rate of 57.1% and an overall record of 84-63.

Last year I went 112-87 (we picked a lot more games) but I fell to under .500 this season at 73-74 being one of the dozen contestants who went 0-3 this last week.

Congrats to fishoutofwater, pburns2010, and the aforementioned Savannah_Domer for leading the last week at 2-1. Fish and ndbear were the only 2 who picked Alabama to cover.


1) Pittsburgh 17 at Ole Miss 38

Winner: Ole Miss (-3.5)

20% picked correctly

Tino freakin' Sunseri just finished a season with 3288 passing yards, 65.1% accuracy, 21 touchdowns and just 3 interceptions, yet Pitt won 6 games. I bet Panther fans would have never seen that combination coming.

Ole Miss finishes at 7-6, breaking a two-year streak of sub .500 seasons.

2) Kent State 13 at Arkansas State 17

Winner: Arkansas State (-3.5)

36% picked correctly

The Red Wolves were without head coach Guz Malzahn, managed just 285 total yards, and barely covered the spread here. That's a 10-3 season for Arkansas State---their best since 2007.

Kent State fell to 11-3 but they still managed their most wins in program history.

3) Alabama 42 at Notre Dame 14

Winner: Alabama (-9.5)

8% picked correctly

He deserves it---dance your heart out little fella.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the picks this season.