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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 2


Week two is upon us after a very impressive opening week of picking by many of you. Now, the trick is to not throw up a 2-win weekend and keep the momentum going.

Official rules are HERE.

Let's not waste any time and get right to the picks, and remember to get your picks in before Saturday's first game---in this case it's noon tomorrow.

AP rankings used where appropriate

Miami (+6.5) at No. 21 Kansas State

12:00 PM ET

Pick: Kansas State

It's tempting to take the Hurricanes but they're not quite big enough underdogs and I've made the mistake too many times of disrespecting Kansas State in a game like this.

Last week Miami's defense did not look very good and I can't hitch my wagon to a team that gave up 32 points and over 500 yards to Boston freakin' College. I like the Wildcat running game led by quarterback Collin Klein to grind out a victory and cover the spread.

Central Florida (+17.5) at No. 14 Ohio State

12:00 PM ET

Pick: Ohio State

Ohio State started slow but turned things around and dominated for three quarters. I think they're the most complete team in the Big Ten and it's going to take more than a three score spread for me to bet against them while playing a team like UCF.

I can see a lot of people taking UCF as they are a quality mid-major and Ohio State might still be working out some kinks on offense. I'm just not doing it. Plus, the Knights were 5-7 last year and we don't know yet if this is one of George O'Leary's stronger teams or not. I'll stick with Urban Meyer for now.

Purdue (+14.5) at No. 22 Notre Dame

3:30 PM ET

Pick: Notre Dame

See the post, OFD Game Day Countdown: Notre Dame vs. Purdue

Air Force (+21.5) at No. 19 Michigan

3:30 PM ET

Pick: Michigan

I'm sticking with the favorites so far. Part of me wants to pick against Michigan after their dismantling at the hands of Alabama. Maybe their some lingering pity, a lot of players dinged up, and a slow start by the Wolverines?

However, we saw Air Force's defense up close last year and Denard should have a field day. I'm a little concerned about Michigan's defense holding up against that fast-paced hybrid option attack from Air Force, but I'm feeling a 48-17 type of game as the Wolverines get back on track.

No. 24 Florida (+1.5) at Texas A&M

3:30 PM ET

Pick: Florida

Finally, an underdog selection. Two concerns are Florida's passing game and their lack of exposure to playing in deep of the heart of Texas. However, the Gators need to make a statement---and Coach Boom needs to make one---and I expect their defense to come out fired up.

Also for as poor as Florida's quarterback play has been for a couple seasons, the Aggies are starting their own true freshman in a new system to boot. I like the Gators chances here.

Washington (+23.5) at No. 3 LSU

7:00 PM ET

Pick: LSU

I don't like going against my gut, but I just checked and Washington had problems running the ball against San Diego State last weekend. Surely they'll be shut down on the ground against LSU, right?

Yes, I've got alarm bells going off that UW is going to cover, but it's a night game in Death Valley...come on. Washington has a pretty big advantage at quarterback, but it can't be enough. Even taking into account LSU losing their starting left tackle to injury, I'm betting on the Tigers running up and down the field on a stinky Husky defense.

No. 16 Nebraska (-5.5) at UCLA

7:30 PM ET

Pick: Nebraska

Last I checked starting Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead was still questionable for this game. It doesn't matter, I'm not sold on Jim Mora improving UCLA and I think they're still out of the Corn's league in this game.

After a fuzzy opener on the road, the Bruins are going to come back down to earth as they have a heck of a time stopping Nebraska's offense. T-Magic is back and in full force, baby!

No. 7 Georgia (-2.5) at Missouri

7:45 PM ET

Pick: Georgia

I'm a little surprised Missouri isn't ranked, but whatever. I really don't have faith in Georgia and they seem like the team that is going to get tripped up in a tough road game like this, then run off 10 straight wins to finish the season. Hey, didn't they do something like that last year?

It's simple, I'll take old SEC versus new SEC---just like I did above with Florida. It's a new brand of football, Tigers!