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Blog Poll Ballot: Week 1 Edition

CW is still out of the country enjoying the finest Ireland has to offer after watching Notre Dame beat Navy on Saturday. As such, he was unable to fill out a Blog Poll ballot this week for One Foot Down. But never fear, I picked up the torch and submitted my picks after the first week of games.

Unfortunately, since we submit our picks under different profiles, this Week 1 poll won't show the rise or drops of teams from CW's preseason ballot. If you want, you can check out his ballot from last week HERE and make a comparison to what we see this week.

Some explanations after the jump.

1. No qualms about Alabama overtaking the No. 1 spot---I'm sure they'll stay here for a while.

2. USC looked very good early and then took their foot off the gas. No fault of theirs that they lost the top spot.

3. Oregon ended up giving up a lot of points, but they had half a hundy before the half.

4. It feels sort of wrong to drop LSU a couple spots, but the three teams above them played better this week.

5. Florida State sort of falls into this spot after destroying a poor opponent.

6. West Virginia looked real impressive against Marshall, so I gave them a nice boost.

7. That was a quality win for Michigan State against Boise---they too get a nice boost.

8. Clemson notched a very quality win over a good SEC team.

9. Nebraska looked better than I thought they would.

10. I literally saw nothing of the Arkansas game. It won't stop me from filling out a ballot though.

11. Georgia didn't demolish a terrible MAC team. Their stock got lowered.

12. Texas started slow but pulled away from Wyoming. This still feels high for them though.

13. OU didn't destroy UTEP, but then again, their defense didn't allow any points either. I dropped them pretty far though.

14. If Vanderbilt turns into a really good team this year, the Cocks win in week one might look just fine.

15. A big drop for Wisconsin after they squeak by Northern Iowa.

16. As of this writing, L'Ville was putting a hurting on Kentucky.

17. I liked what I saw from Ohio State. I think they'd win the Big Ten if they were eligible.

18. 84-0 nothing over Savannah State!?!? Wes Lunt started off his career 11 for 11 and then watched the horror show from the comfy bench.

19. Va Tech hasn't played yet---they play tonight against Georgia Tech.

20. Very slow start, but a strong second half for Kansas State to put away Missouri State.

21. Tennessee goes from unranked to ranked after a nice win over NC State.

22. Effin' right.

23. One of my underrated teams this year and they pummeled Elon.

24. Utah is another team that is starting to turn some heads.

25. Stanford really struggled against SJSU and they deserve a big tumble in the rankings.

Teams that dropped out from CW's Preseason Poll: Michigan, Florida, TCU, and Boise State