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Notre Dame Bye Week Open Thread

The Irish are idle this week but that doesn't mean we can't talk football over the weekend.

Eric Francis - Getty Images

Welcome to the Notre Dame bye week open thread.

Stop by here and leave some comments on any games you are watching this weekend. Heck, let us know how you feel about the American domination at the Ryder Cup.

As always, keep it clean and keep it fun.

In honor of the Wisconsin-Nebraska game today and their funky uniforms, here's a video of the cleats the Huskers will be wearing that change color when flash from a camera hits their material.

Wisconsin should be wearing something similar although I'm not sure how practical these will be. Nevertheless, it's pretty neat.

I'd also hate to not embed This Week in GIF's as well.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

This Week in GIF's ARTICLE.

Go Irish.