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Notre Dame vs. Navy: Feathers In The Cap And Black Eyes

Bravo for Biceps!
Bravo for Biceps!

Well, Notre Dame has finally put the off season--and its concomitant hooliganism--behind us. The Irish took the field, er pitch, in gorgeous Aviva Stadium and quickly proceeded to impose their will on the hapless Middies. Without further ado, I give you Feathers in the Cap and Black Eyes, the Erin Go Bragh Edition.

Feathers in the Cap

Notre Dame's offensive line and defensive front seven. The Irish fronts on both sides of the ball imposed their will and Notre Dame-Navy 2012 thusly played out as it should always play out--in a convincing, if inglorious, win.

Notre Dame's running backs. Theo "Huxtable" Riddick and George "GA-Threezy" Atkinson both notched two touchdowns, Cam McDiesel looked like he belonged on the field as a Division One running back. And fan favorite Roby "The Roma" Toma roamed around right into the endzone for his first career rushing touchdown.

EG. Are we all awake? He didn't do anything glamorous, but he played within himself, managed the offense, and made some nice throws. He also got his first career INT out of the way, then--amazingly for a Notre Dame quarterback--didn't throw another one. It was a nice first outing for young Everett. If he makes a big leap from week one to week two, he should log a nice first season for the Irish.

Aesthetics. Aviva Stadium was gorgeous. The unis looked VERY nice. The shoes were a subtle but very noticeable accent to our standard away unis. Ireland was also beautiful and it was great to get a little mini-tour sitting in my living room.

Last but not least, hanging half a hunnerd. Especially when you hold your opponent to one touchdown, putting up 50 on offense just makes you feel warm and cuddly inside. GIF-off!!! Show me, in GIF form, how scoring 50 makes you feel. Navy usually shortens the game so much that I wouldn't have thought it possible to put up 50, especially when we did it by rushing for 293 yards. Well done, Irish line and backs.

Black Eyes

Not opening up the offense. File this one under "it is just impossible to please some people," but it would have been nice to see CBK dial up some downfield shots to Davaris Daniels or Chris Brown. In due time, I guess. I mean, we outrushed Navy by almost 150 yards, so really, Mouth, just shut up, right?

Gary Danielson. Did you know that Notre Dame has two tight ends who played defense last year, AND that Louis Nix is a converted offensive guard? Neither did I. Gary did.

Secondary. Oh, boy. On the one hand, we held Navy to 10 points. On the other hand, our cornerbacks struggled in coverage against the Navy receivers. Thankfully the Irish corners have another quasi-tune-up game against Purdue before they need to meet the most-extreme-elimination challenge that is trying to cover wide receivers while Predator is a threat to take it to the house from the backfield at any moment.

The Unis. As I said, I really like them, but we missed an incredible opportunity to throw some Irish flag shoulder stripes on our away unis. That would have looked incredibly sweet. Also, why not put an "Erin Go Bragh" down our pants legs. I can't for the life of me understand why the Fighting Irish wouldn't have incorporated a few more Irish accents into their unis for a game in Ireland. Too busy putting bowling ball finishes and Leftrechauns on our helmets, methinks.

And, finally, the lack of a rushing attack. I mean, Holtz would have rushed for 500 yards against Navy, right?

What say you, denizens of The Down?