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Notre Dame Fall Camp Practice Report: Wednesday, August 8th


After skipping a practice report yesterday, we're back with a full roundup of the Fighting Irish activities today. Don't worry, we'll fit yesterday's video in to today's report just in case you haven't already watched yet.

Today the media was allowed to view the entire practice, although they were barred from tweeting live updates like in the past. Nevertheless, with the media's presence we are now flooded with a lot of new material to dissect.

Full practice report coming after the jump.

First, here's yesterday's quick practice video from

Also, here's a nice article($) from Lou Somogyi on why it's not inevitable that a new inexperienced Notre Dame quarterback will turn the ball over.

Blue Gold Illustrated also has a quick practice report from today that you can check out. A quick synopsis:

  • Golson and Hendrix are splitting reps, while Rees has been getting very few.
  • The maturity of the defense is showing so far.
  • Bennett Jackson is nailing down one corner spot and Lo Wood has been the fall's biggest surprise.
  • Freshman Elijah Shumate has moved to corner (I think he's being prepped as a nickel/hybrid player).
  • All three freshmen receivers have been getting work with the 1st and 2nd team offenses.
  • Backup left tackle Jordan Prestwood has left the team. Let the speculation begin.
  • After looking like he might be making his way back, running back Cam Roberson will be taking a medical hardship thus ending his career.
  • Danny Spond was carted off the field with a concussion. That's not good news for Spond, who battled similar issues in high school.
  • USC transfer running back Amir Carlisle is currently at 80% according to Kelly, having some good days and some bad.
  • Tight end Alex Welch was helped off the field with a knee injury. No word yet on how serious it is, but Keith Arnold had this tweet from mid-afternoon:

Here are some pictures from today's practice for you to peruse at your own pleasure. Courtesy of Matt Cashore of course.

Irish Illustrated gave their account of the practice today($). And also a transcript of Kelly's time with the media today ($).

Here is BGI's Practice Report, Part I ($)

Also from BGI's Wes Morgan, he makes no secret about who leads the quarterback competition. He's definitely not sleeping on EG.

Irish Sports Daily has a nice BK Notebook for you to read through, so go ahead.

A bunch of players sat down for interviews after practice today, here those are:

George Atkinson III

Gunner Kiel

Prince Shembo

Andrew Hendrix

Zack Martin

Robby Toma

Lo Wood

Zeke Motta

Everett Golson

Here's a quick 3-minute video segment of Kelly's meeting with the media today, from BGI.


Heavy violent hands? Wasn't that Mouth's Bengal Bouts nickname?

I can't believe they played country music. Gag me with a spoon.

Chris Brown looks like the real deal deep threat, very smooth stride and speed.

I still think Hendrix has poor vision and will not be a great short-yardage runner. Also a poor throw by Hendo, and a nice pick by Bennett Jackson in there.

What a great catch by Justin Ferguson on an underthrown ball.

Good to see Sheldon Day in action.

Oh look, Louis Nix being disruptive!

Ouch, bad pick by Golson as Kapron Lewis-Moore reads the play perfectly.

I love watching Cierre Wood run.

Nice grab in the back of the end zone by Koyack.

Davonte Neal is still fast.

Finally, has released a great little two-minute video on the 125th season of Notre Dame Football. We're going to be treated to some special content this year with stuff like this.