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The Week In News: Transfers, Suspensions and Fall Camp

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The Fighting Irish kick off fall camp at 10:00EST this morning which will officially start the season. We finally have some football to talk about! If nothing else we will at least a few random practice clips and some interviews to read too much into...

Before we jump into the season let's take our weekly quick look at some of the more interesting college football stories from around the country.

Starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

There was a lot of talk this week about Penn State running back Silas Redd transferring to USC, but Redd isn't the only Nittany Lion jumping ship. Seven others have joined him and two recruits have decommitted. You can check out the full transfer tracker here.

Florida State senior cornerback and punt returner Greg Reid was dismissed from the team by coach Jimbo Fisher. Too bad that didn't happen prior to the Champs Sports Bowl last season.

More after the jump.

The Oklahoma receiving corps got little bit smaller this week when JUCO transfer Courtney Gardner failed to pass a required English class.

Linebacker Mario Mathis reported for fall camp at Ole Miss only to discover that his scholarship offer had been pulled. Turns out Mathis had ACL surgery in January and wasn't recovering fast enough for Hugh Freeze. This is criminal. Esssseeeeeeessseeeee baby.

Wisconsin star running back Montee Ball took a beating this week. Literally. No telling how this one will unfold as the investigation moves forward,

Missouri offensive lineman Elvis Fisher released a video this week with some pretty entertaining demands that he wanted the program to meet before he reports to fall camp. Sample below.

"We need new soap in the locker room. I'm tired of that cheap 99-cent Wal-Mart soap. I've got old dry skin as it is. Get some Dove or some Axe in there. A billion-dollar complex... We've got a Tiger in the front of the complex that will follow you around - an animated Tiger - but we don't have better soap?"

An animated tiger? Is that a joke too?

Texas has always filled up their recruiting classes quickly under Mack Brown but they have always waited to complete a cycle before actually taking commitments for the next one. Not anymore, Mack Brown and his staff are now jumping into the early commitment game and took a verbal from 2014 wide receiver Lorenzo Joe.

Enough about everyone else. Notre Dame starts practice in 2 hours!

Did anyone miss Murtaugh representing OFD in the Google+ Hangout with Jack Swarbrick? You can catch up here if you haven't already. tWWL ND Blogger Matt Fortuna wrote a whole post about Swarbrick's response to Murtaugh's question without ever mentioning Murtaugh or OFD at all. Thanks buddy. Fortuna was not among the participants.

Aside from Murtaugh's question for the Brick the biggest news out of South Bend this week was the suspension of Tommy Rees and Carlo Calabrese for the Navy game. There are a lot of opinions out there about this one. The Subway Domer is a lot more concerned about defending Navy without Calabrese than he is about the quarterback derby. Keith Arnold thinks that the rest of the offense had largely put their faith in Rees. If that's the case it could make for a tougher climb for Goldrix. As we discussed here earlier this week the suspension of Rees definitely adds a layer of intrigue to the quarterback battle that will begin later this morning.

The topic of field turf at Notre Dame Stadium flared back up this week when CBK said "Field turf is coming" on Weekday Sports Beat. The guys over at ND Nation weighed in before CBK had a chance to diffuse the issue by amending his previous statement in his opening presser.

What else? Oh yeah if you are thinking that Tee Shephard might return to Notre Dame CBK said this week that isn't going to happen.

The crew over at HLS concluded their "Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy" series this week with a look at CBK and Bob Stoops.

Keith Arnold concluded his "Counting down the Irish" series this week. Murtaugh was our representative for that panel as well. He's plugged into everything that Murtaugh. Links to the final two installments are below.

Counting down the Irish: 10-6

Counting down the Irish: The Top 5

I'm going non-standard with the Comment of the Week this time around. As a general rule we leave the OFD staff out of the running as the site is really about the community as a whole and the Comment of the Week is one small way that we can thank you all for stopping by here every week and sharing your thoughts with us. But Murtaugh had a big week and to top it off he put together a comment about the Field Turf debate that could really be a stand alone post. It's too long to put the whole thing here but if you haven't already check out 5WF and scroll down to his nice and green thoughts on the matter.

Football season is here people! Have a great weekend!