On Joe Montana Shutting Up

Kelly can't figure out what he wants. Every one of his QBs that he has, he claims is his next star, but he doesn't last long with him. He's probably the least talented thrower that they have, so maybe they're looking to run the ball with him.

Edit #1 - Quote from an ESPN chat, I saw the quote on

Point #1

Kelly I think does know what he wants in a QB, it just was not available (on roster) in the first 2 years. It was also not surnamed Montana, hence Joe's ire.

Point #2

The "next star", what do you want the coach to say?

Reporter: Hey Coach, how you feel about your new starting QB?

CBK: Yeah, about that. QB1 is starting, but I can't believe that he is going to make it thru the game. I expect him to bone it up early enough, big enough and often enough that crappy choice #2 will just have to be shuttled in to mop up the mess. After that, you can expect that mop and pail to take most of the snaps...hey how about that defensive front 7?

QBs 1 & 2: Gee thanks coach for that vote of confidence.

Point #3

Joe can't be bothered to look up previous work (Rees at ND, EG in HS, Hendrix at both), so let''s default to the non-Montana issue = not all that good a passer.

Point #4

Because a stand in the pocket turnover machine worked so well last year. At least the threat of a mobile QB forces an opposing DC (or linebacker) to account for the designed run or scramble. Otherwise we get the rush 4 drop 8 defense for the non-mobile QB.

Joe, you were great, now just stop. Let me enjoy the ND and 49er memories without your current opinions overshadowing them. Thanks.

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