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Apple's iBookstore Features Our Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2012 Season Preview

Now featured on Apple's iBookstore!
Now featured on Apple's iBookstore!

Thanks to our fantastic compliment of regular readers and commenters, our first crack at publishing a preseason magazine has been quite successful thus far. By successful I mean that people are actually buying it (hundreds and hundreds of you in the last week). While that was obviously the intent, you never really know how something like this is going to go until you actually do it.

So from all of us on staff here at OFD, thanks for spending time with here at One Foot Down and for supporting version 1.0 of our digital preseason tome. I can assure you that the 2013 version will feature the same great content with a lot of bells, whistles and other assorted shiny things.

One of the reasons next's year's offering will be even better is the cool stuff that Apple is doing. They are providing folks like us with the tools that will enable better digital publishing (think a book with great written content but also animated play diagrams, video, audio, etc.). We're working on it.

We're also thrilled that Apple has selected our offering as being worthy of promotion. If you head over to Apple's iBookstore and look in the "New In Nonfiction" section, you'll see our season preview right there along side books by and about the famous and infamous such as Hope Solo, Mick Jagger, Joe Paterno, Freddy Mercury and Marilyn Monroe.

I also just preordered The Last Headbangers.

Anyway, I dare say it's the best buck you'll spend this preseason, if you love the Irish. Here's the book.