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Notre Dame Fall Camp Practice Report: Monday, August 13th


After a few days off we're back with another practice report. The media access has been slim pickings this year so we have to due with the little scraps we get.

The team has been through a couple two-a-days already and will practice real hard before all the students show up on Friday. After Saturday's practice the team headed out to Diamond Lake for some R&R and were back at it today for another couple of practices.

More after the jump.

First up, Kelly held a short presser following Saturday's practice:

Some quick notes:

  • The team had a good first teaching week, and they are playing a lot of 11 on 11.
  • Danny Spond was cleared of any concussion, and Alex Welch tore his ACL.
  • Romeo Okwara and C.J. Prosise have been moved to Dog linebacker.
  • Golson and Hendrix are showing the mental skills to become the starter.
  • Kiel has all the intangibles and Kelly wouldn't be afraid to play him if there weren't guys ahead of him.
  • Golson's pocket presence has been his highest grade; Hendrix' knowledge of using protections and checks is his highest grade.
  • Punt return is still a "gong show." They want as many skilled guys back there but nowhere near making a decision.
  • Nichols, Nick Martin, and Stanley are the only ones left getting reps at tackle.
  • Kelly still feels good with the depth at tight end. Niklas' technique has improved and he had a good week.
  • They are still installing the offense, just added quarterback sneak. An announcement on the quarterbacks won't come any time soon.
  • Tempo is important, but the staff is concerned more with getting the ball into the hands of all the playmakers. There is a renewed commitment to spreading the ball around more.
  • Carlo Calabrese has been working hard and Tommy Rees has been great working with the quarterbacks.
  • Kelly has no concerns that Golson won't play because of the signals from the sideline. They are always looking to streamline the signals.
  • Mike Golic has taken all the first team reps at right guard and has done a nice job. Nick Martin will keep pushing him though.

Here are the quick player interview videos of Rees and Calabrese following Saturday's practice:

Carlo Calabrese

Tommy Rees

You can click HERE for a sped up version of a two-a-day practice in the life of Notre Dame football players. has a nice little feature on the interviews with some of the freshmen today:

Badger doesn't look like a freshman does he? A two-year Mission will do that to a young kid.

Baratti looks an awful lot like Harrison Smith, no?

Bonus points for Chris Brown's hair.

Sheldon Day looks like a grown man, and Ronnie Stanley is going to be one big tackle someday.

Just wanted to let you know that the Hammes Bookstore is selling those skull caps that Justin Ferguson is wearing.

Davonte Neal in one word: ENERGY.

Anyone else think Romeo Okwara looks like a MLB manager fielding questions after a game with that camera angle?

Is that Avery Johnson or K-Russell??

Good stuff all around with the frosh---what a great group of kids.

Lastly, we have today's practice report:

Nice catch by Goodman down the sideline with a little push-off on Jackson.

It looks like Troy Niklas has the same goofy looking helmet as Gunner Kiel.

Chris Brown may be an immediate deep threat. He's continuing to show high-level deep ball skills.

Hendrix is crapping his pants in the pocket in these clips.

When in doubt, throw the ball up for grabs in the direction of Tyler Eifert. I bet that's chiseled in stone on a team board in the Gug somewhere.

Golson is holding the ball awfully careless, but he makes up for it by looking stellar in his white spats.

Go Irish.