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This Week in Notre Dame Athletics: Undefeated Mike Lee, Plus Videos

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The Notre Dame outdoor track and field team is preparing for the national championships set to begin tomorrow at the University of Iowa. We'll report on their performance next week but for now we have a little different TWINDA today as all Irish teams but the T&F squad are finished for the season.

More Notre Dame sports coverage after the jump.

Last week I was contacted by current Notre Dame student Will Peterson who is working for boxer Mike Lee this summer. He wanted me to pass along to everyone that Lee is fighting this Friday June 8th at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

Lee is a 2009 graduate from Notre Dame and turned professional in February 2010. He spent his freshman year at Missouri and transferred to Notre Dame where he won the Bengal Bouts in each of his three years in South Bend.

He is currently 8-0 in his young career and last fought on December 3, 2011 at Madison Square Garden winning a TKO against Allen Medina. He will fight Isaiah Barela this Friday on ESPN2 at 10 PM ET, so check it out if you're interested.

As the outdoor track and field teams prepares for the national championships, here is a video from taking a look at the men's indoor national title race in the DMR.

The men's lacrosse team lost in the national semifinal last week to Loyola (MD) but here's a package of season highlights to honor their terrific season.

If you didn't watch the excellent series Inside the Walls of Arlotta that aired on NBC Sports, here's another video from the documentary that follows the lacrosse team.

On Friday in the comment section of Five Wide Fullbacks we mentioned that Notre Dame basketball is scheduled to play defending national champion Kentucky next year on the hardwood. Does Irish head coach Mike Bray have any thoughts on the matter? Why, yes he does!

That's all for this week. This weekly series will come to an end soon as the summer months begin, but we'll still keep reporting and discussing all Irish sports in one way or another.

Go Irish!