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Favorite College Sports Highlight: Raghib "Rocket" Ismail

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish headed into the 1989 football season as defending national champions with a legitimate chance at a repeat. In the second week of the season #1 Notre Dame made the trip to Ann Arbor to face off with the #2 Michigan Wolverines. The game was absolutely huge.

I have always remembered this game fondly for several reasons. The setting was perfect.


The Big House.



Rain storm.

Everything on the line.

Elvis Grbac was keeping the Wolverines in it.

And then this happened....

(Highlight after the jump)

The two second half Ismail kick returns led the Irish to a 24-19 victory in what would be Bo Schembechler's last season as the Michigan Head Coach. Everything about that is dripping in awesome.

The Irish would go on to an 11-0 record prior to dropping the last game of the regular season to eventual National Champion Miami at the Orange Bowl. The Irish would ultimately finish 12-1 after heading back to Miami to knock off Colorado in the Orange Bowl Game on New Year's Day.

What is your favorite Notre Dame Highlight?