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The Week in News: Sandusky Trial, Fighting Sioux, and Subway Lines

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TWIN is back with a new look.
TWIN is back with a new look.

Welcome to another edition of The Week in News.

You know the process by now. We'll start nationally and then bring back to South Bend. Let's do this.

The BCS commissioners are still working their way through the plans for a playoff in college football.

The Sandusky trial has continued all through this week with witnesses severely damaging the defendant's case, the controversial Mike McQueary testifying, and more.Thursday's witnesses piled on even more testimony as it appears the prosecutors will rest relatively quickly in the trial.

In more happier news, paralyzed former Rutgers player Eric LeGrand will receive the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPY's next month.

More news after the jump.

The accused gunman who killed three people near Auburn University surrendered to police on Tuesday. He will face three counts of capital murder and was in court on Thursday.

It looks like North Dakota is officially dropping their Fighting Sioux nickname.

The Big East is suing TCU for $5 million for reneging on their commitment to become a member of the league.

LSU's Honey Badger and Alabama's A.J. McCarron got into a heated Twitter fight in the middle of the week.

More academic shenanigans at North Carolina where I'm sure the NCAA will come down super hard on them.

West Virginia has added gray uniforms to their arsenal and as you would expect they are boring and dull. Not to be outdone, Arkansas has officially unveiled new uniforms and also added a gray uniform (but no gray helmet).

In "that is so weird" news, Michigan is un-retiring former President Gerald Ford's No. 48 and a current player will be able to wear it again---presumably with a legends patch like the program did last year with Desmond Howard's No. 21.

National Football Post has an article on the Top 20 Uncommitted Recruits for the 2013 class---with Notre Dame in the running for some of them.

The Pac-12 Network has released it's TV schedule for the 2012 season.

In South Bend...

The Voodoo Child needs to eat and is not pleased with the wait on campus.

The SB Tribune confirmed Wednesday via Notre Dame director of football and sports information Brian Harding that safety Austin Collinsworth tore his labrum during the Blue Gold Game and will miss the 2012 season.

Blog Davie has a nice review on the demo for EA Sports NCAA Football 2013 over at Subway Domer.

Coach Mele at ISD has a nice preview of the Oklahoma Sooners.

Finally, our comment of the week comes from Cranked_Irish who proves that we love flattery and the Incredibles.

Fish & Murtaugh

They used to design for GODS!!!

Most football teams are temperamental. That's 90% temper and 10% mental.

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