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The Week in News: Failed Senatorial Bids & Recruiting Death Threats

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Welcome to the new edition of The Week in News. As always, we start elsewhere and end up bringing it back to the 'Bend.

Nebraska's Chancellor Harvey Perlman think a plus-one is the best postseason option. He's continuing the modern tradition of University leaders putting their foot in their mouth to the media.

Purdue was facing the possibility that their top receiver wouldn't be on the team this year, but Antavian Edison had his felony gun charges dropped on Tuesday. That week two game got just a little harder.

Interim Big XII commissioner Chuck Neinas said that his conference doesn't need to add new members.

"People have to understand that bigger is not necessarily better," Neinas told the Dallas Morning News. "What we are trying to do, in view of what has transpired in the past, is to build unity. We have two new members. Let the membership be comfortable with each other before they ever consider going forward."

That's not going to stop Texas & Co. from courtin' Notre Dame though.

Speaking of Texas, the Longhorns AD said on Thursday that there will be no compromise on the playoff models. It'll either be the top four teams or conference champs only. The Big XII also wants a strength of schedule component as well---and I'm starting to like this conference more and more.

From the Recruiting is a Crazy World files, Michigan OL commit Logan Tuley-Tillman decided it was a good idea to burn mail that he received from Ohio State.

...and then promptly received death threats from those ever-lovable Ohio State fans.

Speaking of Ohio State, they just recently cancelled future games in 2020 and 2021 against Georgia citing the new Big Ten regular season scheduling deal with the Pac-12. Which is just another way of saying that the Buckeyes refuse to play two BCS teams out of conference in one season and will instead my life easier with a MAC team.

Back in western Pennsylvania, the trial of Jerry Sandusky will not be delayed per the judge in the case. It was also announced that journalists will be able to live-tweet and live-blog from the trial, so...yeah. Prepare yourself.

Roll Bama Roll has a cool story on the 1937 Rose Bowl and how the more things change the more they stay the same. That's an interesting read right there.

When Hugh Freeze took over at Ole Miss this year, he had an astonishing 25 players academically ineligible. Give him credit for getting that number down to three recently, but damn. 25 players!?!?

Steve Spurrier is still carrying the "pay the players" torch down in South Carolina. Yeah, it's not happening.

In diversity news, Alcorn State became the first SWAC team to hire a non-black coach this week. Good for them.

Do you want to work under James Franklin on his staff at Vanderbilt? You better have a good-looking wife then. By late Thursday night Franklin had already apologized.

TCU hasn't had the best of offseasons---as many as 6 likely starters have left campus since February. It looks like Gary Patterson is going to have his hands full in the Big XII this year.

Craig James---who may have killed 5 hookers at SMU---received under 4% of the vote in his bid for Senator in Texas. Pretty surprised with that one...didn't see it coming. Where does he turn now in his life?

Danny O'Brien's road to QB starter in Madison just got easier as Jon Budmayr will miss the 2012 season with hip surgery. Tough break for Budmary who was set to start last year before Russell Wilson transferred to Wisconsin.

Pre-Snap Read has a new preview on Eastern Michigan for 2012, which isn't that noteworthy in and of itself besides the fact that it caused the following tweet:

It's the offseason and SBNation wonders, "What if college football had a draft?" It's fun to think about.

The new EA Sports NCAA Football 2013 trailer shows the ability to bring back Heisman winners and place them on any team you want. Good idea, gamers?

In rivalry news, reports have surfaced that the Los Angeles Coliseum, home of the USC Trojans, was used for a porn movie back in 2001. Yup, in the locker room, playing field and everything. Could you imagine that happening at Notre Dame? The Lord might set the stadium on fire and burn it to the ground. At USC, they just hired Pete Carroll, built a dynasty, won a national title, and lost only 26 games since filming this adult movie.

The seniors at Michigan spent some time with Navy SEALS. Respect. If Brian Kelly did that he'd be accused of trying to divide his players because the whole team wasn't invited.

Smart Football's new post takes a look at beating the blitz in a one-back offense. Also, if you haven't purchased or read Chris Brown's new book the Essential Smart Football, I highly recommend that you do so. Several of our staff here have read it and we will bring you some interesting posts from the book coming soon.

Down in South Carolina, it appears Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney is close to a contract extension. Lose your last game 70-33 and get a contract extension? Is Kevin White the AD at Clemson?

In Notre Dame news, graduating seniors Hafis Williams and Deion Walker will transfer to UMass (where former Irish OC Charlie Molnar is the new head coach) to finish out their last year of eligibility. Good luck, I guess.

Former Irish coach Corwin Brown is still in the news as doctors are split on his psychological status stemming from his arrest and self-inflicted gunshot wound last August. This has been so bizarre for almost a full calendar year.

CBS' Bruce Feldman published a list of the top 10 toughest schedules for 2012 and Notre Dame checked in at number one. Hooray?

The Director of Football Media Relations at Notre Dame has something to tell you...

Mark it down on your calendar, maybe One Foot Down will be back in town again. If we're lucky we'll be able to get Miesle to talk to Ben Councell instead of taking 50 pictures of him like this past BG Game.

Here's a neat story about Justin Tuck, his charity RUSH for Literacy, his role as a parent, and his wish to get more children to read. Is their a more wholesome player in the NFL spotlight right now?

From the Honolulu-Star-Advertiser, a very short and sweet article on Manti Te'o and the North Shore players on the Irish roster. That just goes to show how difficult the transition can be for even the once-in-a-generation players.

Over at Her Loyal Sons they have been debating about the 2012 Notre Dame schedule. The latest post from Thursday compares this fall's schedule with last seasons.

Keith Arnold over at Inside the Irish has been profiling each incoming freshman and featured the speedy Davonte Neal this week. I can't wait until this kid gets to campus...super pumped.

Lastly, our comment of the week comes from dannan14 when responding to some questions on the offensive line:

But the question marks are along the lines of

who will pancake the most defenders this year?

by dannan14 on May 26, 2012 6:33 PM EDT up reply actions

Have a nice weekend everyone.