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The Week In News: Uncle Luke, BCS Speculation and a Vigilante Cabbie


Starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

Randy Shannon is suing the university of Miami. I guess Uncle Luke didn't take care of him on his way out of town.

Our buds over at Barking Carnival unearthed Peter Berg saying that there will in fact be an upcoming movie based on the TV show "Friday Night Lights." And yes the storyline will be based on the Mike Leach firing at Texas Tech.

On a Texas note, there is a plan in place to keep the Red River Rivalry at the Cotton Bowl through 2020. This is a big win for the venue as many expected this game to move to Jerrydome when the current contract expires in 2015.

Montel Harris is the all time leading rusher at Boston College with 3,735 yards. He won't be adding any yards to that record this fall though as Harris has been booted off of the team. No vigilante cabbies have been cited as playing a role in this one.

"Montel Harris has been permanently dismissed from our football team due to a repeated violation of team rules,'' coach Frank Spaziani said in a statement. "We are grateful for his contributions the past four seasons and will support him in completing his degree requirements and in his future pursuits.''

"They told me not to say anything,'' said Harris. "So I won't. But I know I want to play football next season and fulfill my goal of playing in the National Football League.''

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They may smoke a lot of weed in Oregon but they got this right. Very cool.

Notre Dame wasn't the only team that had players get into scrapes with the law this week. Clemson star receiver Sammy Watkins was arrested for possession of weed and Adderall.

Alex Anzalone decommitted from Ohio State following the release of this disturbing tale.

Conference realignment has been tough to keep up with the last few years. Stewart Mandel put together a nice little tracker that summarizes all of the moves in one central location. I'm half tempted to make this a permanent link in one of our sidebars.

OTL did a fairly solid piece on the southern migration of football talent in the U.S.

As we continue to move towards the "new" BCS there have been many opinions tossed about on what this all means for college football and for Notre Dame. Here are a few of the better pieces that I saw this week.

For starters Stewart Mandel thinks that "anchor bowls" will host the semifinal games of a four team playoff. Mandel also reminds us that he came up with this plan in 2009.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge of last week's discussions in South Florida have confirmed to that the new favored proposal for a four-team playoff within the bowl system would place the two semifinal games at the traditional anchor bowls of the No. 1 and 2 teams' conferences.

Andy Staples then weighed in on what this all means for Notre Dame. He narrows it down to 3 options that we have previously discussed.

1. Nothing changes.

2. Remain independent in football but change conferences in the other sports.

3. Join a conference in all sports.

Eric Hansen actually sat down with Jack Swarbrick to discuss his take on where Notre Dame stands in the future BCS. Swarbrick sounds confident.

"I've sort of approached this throughout," Swarbrick told the South Bend Tribune Thursday via cell phone, "that if we stay focused on the broader issues of protecting the regular season and coming up with playoff format concepts that make sense, the Notre Dame issues will resolve themselves and Notre Dame will be fine. And I still think that's the case.

"As we do today, we'll have to earn our way into our opportunities, but they'll be there for us."

Our own Michael Collins actually wrote a great series on the topic. If you have yet to take the time to check that out I highly encourage you to do so over the weekend.

What else?

Murtaugh wrote this post on the atmosphere at Notre Dame Stadium and ND Nation instantly dropped us from their blogroll. I suppose that was too far outside the lines of their agenda to continue acknowledging our presence. Why not just write a piece representing the opposite viewpoint? Let's have a discussion about it. OK never mind.

Then we woke up on Thursday morning and the internet melted in response to Tommy Rees and Carlo Calabrese being arrested. Who would have ever thought that Tommy Rees getting in a dustup with the law could potentially trump Lynch is Leaving mania?

By Thursday evening the charges against Rees had been reduced to a quadruple misdeameanor. We also learned that he took off on foot and was apparently leaving the cop in his wake when a vigilante cabbie intervened and helped the cop wrangle QB1.

The big story here is obviously Rees for a multitude of reasons, and I honestly hope that he's able to hang in there and survive this one. We'll see....

The comment of the week happened under the post on Rees. I had to call it a draw.

Cubsfansince1957 gave it to us straight. And he nailed it.

Then KG rolled in and brought some jokes.

Both comments were fantastic for completely different reasons.

Have a great weekend.