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The Week In News: Underage Drinking, Bear Hunting, and Craig James is Bad at Politics

Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE

"Hey guys, can we put down the bottle for a few months? PLEASE?!?"
Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE "Hey guys, can we put down the bottle for a few months? PLEASE?!?"

This is quite an eclectic news week to say the least. Who says the offseason is a long, wandering desert wasteland?

The big headlines were provided by the Big Ten's insistence on saving the Rose Bowl at the expense of giving home games for the semifinals in the proposed BCS playoff system. Dan Wetzel was all over this story, and we covered it here with some good ongoing discussion.

Ohio State has admitted to a few dozen secondary NCAA violations, the vast majority of which are so stupid that it's hard to imagine the actual NCAA meeting in which they were discussed. Mike Vrabel spits at your rules, NCAA:

Or even assistant coach Mike Vrabel using chewing tobacco on the sidelines during football games last season, which was noted and reported to Ohio State by a Columbus-area health teacher, and was a secondary violation of NCAA rules against using tobacco during games or practice.

Alabama will continue to play the most difficult game they can think of in Week 1, as they agree to play West Virginia in the 2014 opener in what they are calling the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game, which I'm sure is a huge recruiting tool.

The doomed Senate run of Craig James is likely a bit doomier after he inexplicably lied to MSNBC's (and recent Jeopardy winner) Chuck Todd about hiring or not hiring a PR firm to help fire Mike Leach for not playing his son. Remember the 5.

Speaking of which, Mike Leach shot a bear everyone. His legend continues.

Rival USC Trojans landed a pair of top running back recruits this week, securing the commitment of Justin Davis from California as well as Ty Isaac from Joliet, IL, who had a final three of USC, Michigan, and Notre Dame. Ouch.

A couple of mid-major notes this week. Old Dominion will be joining CUSA in all sports except football in 2013, and then joining for football in 2015 when it is completely unrecognizable. Weird.

SMU has surprisingly fired athletic director Steve Orsini just a few weeks after he made a big splash by hiring head basketball coach Larry Brown. No word on whether this will affect their beautiful uniforms.

Circling back to our beloved Irish, Tommy Rees appeared in court Thursday to enter a not guilty plea of his four misdemeanor charges stemming from his May 3rd arrest. Carlo Calabrese did not appear, allowing his people, er, attorney to represent him instead.

Redshirt freshman wide receiver Davaris Daniels was also cited for underage drinking this week, which gives head coach Brian Kelly another unnecessary headache this offseason.

Coach Kelly delivered the commencement address at his alma mater, Assumption College, cryptically wondering aloud to the graduates, "What now?". He also announced a generous scholarship endowment for football players at Assumption.

Ending on a very positive note, the College Football Hall of Fame announced its class of 2012. Among the inductees is former Irish TE and 1973 National Champion Dave Casper. Congratulations to Casper, along with his fellow inductees including coaches Jimmy Johnson, Phillip Fulmer, and RC Slocum, UCLA OT Jonathan Ogden, BYU QB Ty Detmer, and Syracuse WR Art Monk.

Comment of the week is from Publius2010 for his needless shot at the Maryland Terrapins. Kick 'em while their down, Publius!

Turtles don't hide.

They just pull their heads and extremities into their shells.

by Mouth of the South on May 16, 2012 1:26 PM EDT up reply actions

Have a great weekend everyone!