5 things we need to happen, to have a successful season

With such a tough schedule this year, there are a couple of things we need to happen in order to have a good season.

5. Austin Collingsworth needs to show he can start.

I say this because I have absolutely no faith in Lo Wood. If Collingsworth shows he can be a player, then we can move Slaughter to corner. I would feel much more comfortable with Slaughter and Bennett Jackson at the corners. To play corner, you need to be athletic, and I just dont see that with Woods.

4. Ishaq Williams has to have a breakout season.

I think the key to Williams, will be having some success early in the season. With success, I mean sacks. He needs to be that pass rusher that opposing teams will gameplan for. This can help ease the loss of Aaron Lynch, and possibly make us forget about Lynch. It will be big if he can approach double digit sacks this season.

3.Diaco needs to blitz more

I watched every game last year, and I really don't recall that much blitzing.The one game when he did let loose was the first half of the FSU game, and you all seen what happen. Again with the loss of Lynch we need to manufacture some pressure. This in turn can help out the young secondary.

2. 1 of the young skill players needs to have a breakout year

We all know what Eifert, Woods, and Riddick can do. But for this offense to really be explosive one of the young guns needs to step up. I think this impact can come from either Atkinson, Daniels, and Davonte Neal. Im not sold on John Goodman, and I pray that Daniels beats him out. Hopefully CBK will develop special plays to get Atkinson in space. Neal is the type of athlete that we just having been getting, i really believe he can have a DeAnthony Thomas type of effect on this offense.

1. Give Golson the ball and let him loose.

No explanation needed.

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