Current Media Contracts for BCS AQ Conferences and Notre Dame (Regular Season Only)

Big 10 (12 Teams)

Amount/Length ---------------- Duration --------------- Media Contractor --------- Deal Signed

$1 Billion/10 years------ 2007-08 through 2016-17----ESPN/ABC -------------- June, 2006

$72 Million/6 years------ 2011-12 through 2016-17--------CBS--------------------June, 2011

$2.8 Billion/25 years----2007-08 through 2031-32-----BigTenNetwork---------August,2006

***Big Ten Network - Big Ten and NewsCorp share expenses

Average Income (less Big Ten Network expenses) per team - $18.67 million per conference team per year

Southeast Conference (14 Teams)

$2.25 Billion/15 years---2009-10 through 2016-17----ESPN/ABC-------------August, 2008

$825 Million/15 years---2009-10 through 2023-24-------CBS-------------------August, 2008

Average Income per team - $14.642+ Million per team per year. (Down about $2 million per team with the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri)

***SEC is meeting to renegotiate contract with ESPN due to additional markets added.

PAC 12 (12 Teams)

$3 Billion/12 years-----2011-12 through 2022-23-----ESPN/Fox----------------May, 2011

Average Income per team - $20.83 Million per team per year.

***Deal amounted to the same amount of money as SEC combined deals in 2008, but for three less years.

Big 12 (10 Teams)

$1.3 Billion/13 years-----2012-13 through 2024-25----ESPN/ABC--------------March, 2012

$1.17 Billion/13 years---2012-13 through 2024-25----Fox------------------------March, 2011

Average Income per team - $19 Million per team per year (Tier 1&2)

***Longhorn Network income (Tier 3) is not considered. Texas's revenue from ESPN for the Longhorn Network - $15 million per year for 20 years

***Oklahoma has negotiated a contract with Fox Sports for their own network (Tier 3) with revenue To Be Announced. "Not nearly as much as the Longhorn Network"

UT's total annual revenue from Big 12 and Longhorn deals - $34 million per year

Atlantic Coast Conference (12 Teams, 14 Teams in 2013 or 2014)

$1.86 Billion/12 years---2011-12 through 2022-23---ESPN/ABC, ACC Network/Raycom---May, 2010

Average Income per team - $12.91+ Million per team per year (12 teams), $11.07+ Million per team (with Syracuse and Pittsburgh, who will probably join in 2013)

Notre Dame

Average Income per year - $15 Million per year through 2015 with NBC

Current Contract Ending After 2012-13 Season (Next Contract Being Negotiated)

Big East (8 Teams in 2012, 12 Teams in 2013, 13 Teams in 2015)

$200 Million/6 years----2007-08 through 2012-13------------ESPN/ABC--------August, 2006

Average Income per team for 2012 - $4.17 Million per team.

***West Virginia buyout for 2012 - $20 million. Temple added beginning 2012.

***Syracuse and Pittsburgh probably will leave in 2013

***Boise State, U.Central Florida, Houston, Memphis, San Diego State, SMU will be added in 2013

***Navy to be added in 2015

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