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Notre Dame Spring Practice Report: Monday, April 2nd

The Fighting Irish took to the practice field for the 8th time on Monday but the session was closed to the media. Luckily Jack Nolan was on the scene and provided us with a solid 8 minutes and 2 seconds of footage to watch and comment on.

It's better than nothing right?

I really miss football season.

This video shows a few clips from today's practice as well as some other assorted footage from the first seven practices that we have yet to see.

Comments after the jump.

In reality this is much less of a report than it is just a guy starting a conversation based on an 8:02 video. But as we all know our commentariat has collectively reached the point that you all don't necessarily need us to start the conversations anyway. FanPosts, give us more FanPosts!

Kidding. Sort of.

Below are my observations and thoughts after watching the video. Feel free to discuss your take on them or any other matters pertaining to spring football in the comments.

By the way who is going to stop by and say hello at the Blue-Gold game? We are really looking forward to that.

Assorted observations on the video

CBK corrected Stephon Tuitt for "premature jumping." Details. I used to call him "BK" then Miesle went and changed it to "CBK" without telling anybody. MotS we need a ruling, which is it? These guys are trending too fast for me to keep up with them!

GA III is going to need to tighten up that pass blocking a bit if he's going to play significant minutes at running back. That said I think 6, yeah I called him 6, is going to push Cierre Wood hard for minutes this fall. This is a good thing. It also means that the Sophomore GA III still has time to develop some of the finer points of his game like pass blocking. I still think we'll see plenty of GA III in the return game and perhaps picking up touches in other places like the slot.

Speaking of the slot, there was another Robby Toma handoff sighting. I like this.

It is impossible not to be a huge Bobby Diaco fan. Bobby D, I forgive you for 2010 Navy. Werewolfpack.

That sled didn't want any part of Manti Te'o. Scared.

It would be a really nice addition to the offense if John Goodman and Daniel Smith come on and have a productive season for us on the outside. I didn't chime in on this discussion in the last couple of days but I think that tandem might very well do it.

For all of the talk about DaVaris Daniels that I've heard this spring he doesn't make many appearances in these videos. You see smatterings of T.J. here and there but very little of Daniels. Coincidence? Will Daniels really be able to come on and push T.J. for time?

It is really nice to see KLM moving around so well. If Sheldon Day, Kona Schwenke and a couple of the other 2's can provide some quality depth this D Line could be absolutely nasty this season. I really can't wait to watch them play in a couple of weeks.

What else?