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The Week In News: Playoffs, Spring Wraps and the NFL Draft

Blue-Gold got plenty of headlines
Blue-Gold got plenty of headlines

I am a couple of days behind schedule with this installment of TWIN. It has been one of those weeks. Better late than never right? Starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend

After another round of meetings in Florida it appears that the BCS as we know it will come to an end at the conclusion of the 2013 season. In 2014 a four team playoff will likely determine the national champion. While the method by which those four teams are selected is still to be determined it sounds like the conference championship requirement is off the table. The remaining details will likely be worked out no later than this summer. As of now all signs point to this being a big win for Notre Dame Athletics Director Jack Swarbrick in the continued fight to remain independent in football.

There have been a flurry of spring football games played in the last couple of weeks. One of the more interesting ones featured the return of the Dread Pirate at Washington State. Mike Leach had his Wazzu Coogs on the field last Saturday and Chris Brown took the time to watch the game and discuss how the Pirate's Airraid offense appears to have evolved while he was hanging out in Key West the last couple of years.

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Dayne Crist has been named a Captain at Kansas which should surprise nobody. He has always been a noteworthy locker room guy. Now can Crist win some games for Chuck Weis and Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk? I hope that he does. Crist played pretty well against his own team yesterday.

Nebraska Coach Ron Brown says that he would be 'honored' to be fired for his anti-gay views. Yeah he went there.

The Paterno family says that they won't push to rename Beaver Stadium or the football field after the legendary Penn State Head Coach. As these negotiations continue I still think this will end up like one of those Lane Stadium/ Worsham Field type deals at some point.

Arkansas is still licking their wounds in the wake of the Bobby Petrino scandal but the medicine is inbound. They turned over some rocks and came up with John L. Smith as a replacement. Smith agreed to a confidence boosting 10 month contract with the Hogs. Why not just name an interim coach from the current staff if you want to go that route? Regardless this is going to be a good time. John L. gave us some truly classic moments as the head coach at Michigan State and I'm sure he won't disappoint us this fall. A quick review of some of Smith's Spartan highlights.

The Coaches are screwing it up!

Then I got slapped!

The rant that came courtesy of that same game. Special thanks to Terrail Lambert for that one.

On that note Notre Dame will play Michigan State in prime time again this fall.

The Observer weighed in with their thoughts following the Blue-Gold Game last weekend as did fellow bloggers Keith Arnold, Subway Domer and HLS. The quarterback situation continues to be the primary topic of discussion.

Keith has been on fire this week over at Inside the Irish. If you haven't done so already you should check out his predictions for the 2012 starting Notre Dame offense and defense. Keith also gave us an update on Ethan Johnson. Many Notre Dame fans, us included, assumed that EJ wasn't pursuing the NFL. Turns out he just had too much other stuff on his plate to get ready for Pro Day. Last night Johnson inked a Free Agent deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. I was really happy to see that.

Father Hesburgh has a Domer Den. This is a really cool peek inside.

Tyler Eifert has taken himself out of the running for Murtaugh's 2012 Best Hair award. Dan Fox is celebrating somewhere.

Both Michael Floyd (Cardinals) and Harrison Smith (Vikings) were selected in the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday Night. On Friday R.J. Blanton (Vikings) and Darius Fleming (49ers) followed suit when they were selected in the 5th round. Immediately following the draft last night Jonas Gray, Ethan Johnson and Taylor Dever signed Free Agent deals with the Dolphins, Chiefs and Cowboys respectively.

Here at OFD we just want to say thanks to all those guys one last time. We will forever be fans. Go represent us well at the next level!

The comment of the week this week is brought to you by DMAC4REAL who provided us with this instant classic. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


If BIG LOUIS NIX was a Mississippi Blues Man, he'd be Jellyroll T-Bone McPorkchop, ‘cuz he's all meat, with just a little bit of sweet.

Jonathan Toews will eat your baby if it means two points.

Viva El Churro! El Churro lo ve todo!

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