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Notre Dame Blue Gold Game Mini-Recap

I kind of like Golson in No. 1 and Kiel in No. 5. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE
I kind of like Golson in No. 1 and Kiel in No. 5. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE

The One Foot Down staff is returning to their homes tonight as we recover from the awesomeness that was our first meeting in the flesh together.

I had a great time kickin' it with Whiskey, Burger, Jim, Chris, and Simon. Also we had the Coach on board with us telling recruiting stories from the past and giving his two cents on the current situation at Notre Dame.

For now this will be a mini-recap as we put together a retro diary of our weekend and what we thought of the Irish live and in person.

Did Notre Dame find their quarterback?

Is George Atkinson really as good as people think now?

We'll give our two cents on those subjects in a couple days.

After the jump is a bunch of post-game material for you to pore over until then.

First, we'll start with the weekend's biggest news:

Will the metallic gold be back? Are they really going to try and match the new helmets or is there thought to return to the old gold of yesteryear?

All we can do is wait.

Elsewhere, NBC's Keith Arnold gave us 5 Things We Learned from the spring game. Keith also posted a nice collection of highlights and interviews from the game that you should check out.

The South Bend Tribune has a collection of beautiful photos from the weekend. Miesle had a camera at the game as well and likely took some dandies as well on the gorgeous Saturday in the stadium. Here's a nice recap of the game from SBT's Eric Hansen.

SBNation published a little blurb on the game---focusing on that pesky quarterback battle of course.

The Post-Tribune wasn't shy about announcing who should start at quarterback for Notre Dame.

Here's a free article from Blue Gold Illustrated on Everett Golson's opportunity in the future. BGI's Lou Somogyi had a nice recap of this weekend's events too. BGI also posted some notes from the Blue Gold Game as well.

BGI wasn't done yet with a nice archive of Brian Kelly's post-game comments and player interviews. posted a nice collection of video highlights that are well worth your time.

And lastly, here is a quick video of The Shirt unveiling from Friday.

What do you think?

It's okay in my opinion. I'll proudly wear it to the gym.