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The 83rd Annual Blue-Gold Game Open Thread

Will Rees look like QB 1 today?
Will Rees look like QB 1 today?

Welcome to the 83rd Annual Blue-Gold Game Open Thread. The vast majority of the OFD staff is on campus in South Bend today but we will try to stop by here every now and then to give you updates from the stadium. If the sketchy cell service makes that impossible then please just do what you always do.

Who do you expect to look great today?

Will any of the quarterbacks not named Rees show us something to get excited about?

Will the defensive line look good despite the obvious absence of he that wore #19?

Will the offensive line be as good as previously reported?

How about the running game?

So many questions. Perhaps a few answers.

Have a great conversation and enjoy the game!

Discussion after the jump.