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The Week In News: Hogs, Recruiting Service Grades and The Blue-Gold Game

Stop talkin' bout weed you guys!
Stop talkin' bout weed you guys!

Welcome to this week's edition of TWIN. I need to get to the airport to head to South Bend for the weekend so I won't drag this out.

Starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

The ripple effect from the Bobby Petrino episode continues. For starters Christianne Harder wrote a fair piece for SI wherein she explains the degree to which Jessica Dorrell hurt all women that are trying to make careers in college football. Fair. Coincidentally Dorrell resigned from her position at Arkansas a couple of days later. Dorrell won't be walking away totally empty handed. She may have no boyfriend, no fiance' and no job, but she does have a cool 14K to start her new life with! Nice work.

The Hogs themselves are also trying to move on. They reportedly touched base with Pete Carroll this week to see if he might be interested in taking the reins in Fayetteville. According to the report Sneaky Pete said no. Next in the chute appears to be UAB's Garrick McGee who could be announced early next week. Oh wait, now it isn't McGee. Go ahead and drag this one out boys, it probably won't make much of a difference anyway.

Moving on....

The father of an Alabama player apparently knocked over their brand new Coaches' Trophy and shattered the Waterford Crystal football that sits on top of it. I'm guessing that scene was a little awkward.

Elsewhere in Alabama, soon to be first round draft pick Trent Richardson went to the prom. Really.

Our buddies over at Barking Carnival were all over this geographic failure of an Aggy SEC T-Shirt.

More after the jump.

Murtaugh, check it out. Northwestern is getting new unis. And so did TCU and Mizzu.

Penn State just paid a few million bucks to Joe Pa's estate.

Chris Peterson is getting paid too. The Boise State front man just inked a new 5 year deal that will pay him $2 million in 2014. Peterson could get a lot more elsewhere but he definitely seems perfectly content playing David in Boise. Good on him.

In a new piece for The Mag tWWL is running a story about the marijuana culture in Eugene, Oregon and how it pertains to the Ducks football team. It is a pretty candid peek behind the curtain. I'm guessing that Phil Knight isn't digging this too much. According to the report 26.7% of all college football players smoke weed and in Oregon, it is commonplace.

"It's the weed capital of the world," says former Duck Reuben Droughns. "Long dreads. Girls with hairy armpits. Where there's hippies, there's weed."

MGo has a really interesting piece up this week that rates the assorted recruiting services. For recruitniks this is definitely worth a read.

fishoutofwater turned us on to this piece about Dayne Crist getting snapped in with Chuck Weis at Kansas. So far so good for Crist. I wish him the best of luck.

Louis Nix gave the Notre Dame fanbase a little bit of trolling this week in the wake of Aaron Lynch's departure. Good on him. Keith Arnold has a great post up about Nix III and his social media practices.

Speaking of Lynch this caused a little bit of an uproar last night.


Over at tWWL Matt Fortuna has a great piece that chronicles Bob Elliott's battle with Polycythemia vera. If you don't follow any other link in this post today, you should follow this one and give it a read.

Notre Dame and Navy will kickoff at 9am EST on 1 September. That's 6am for those like myself on the West Coast. My Navy buds are already threatening to raid my house at 4am. Bring it.

Notre Dame announced plans this week to celebrate 125 years of Irish Football. This will raise some interesting discussion over the course of the season.

The 83rd Annual Blue-Gold game will be played at 1:30pm EST this Saturday. The game will be strictly offense vs. defense. As a result a relatively complex scoring system will be in place to allow the defense opportunities to score. In addition the University published and A to Z (almost) guide for fans that are inbound to South Bend to enjoy the festivities.

I'm actually one of those fans so I need to run and catch a flight. Don't forget to stop by and see us before the game on Saturday. If you miss us before the game but happen to see some guys in OFD T-Shirts chances are that's us. Don't hesitate to say hello.

The comment of the week this week is brought to you by cooparchy! who topped off an exchange underneath 5WF with this gem. We were discussing the lovely statistical reminder that it has been 18 years since Notre Dame put together three consecutive 8 win seasons.

That's a sobering stat isn't it....

by whiskey OFD on Apr 14, 2012 2:39 PM PDT up reply actions


it’s why i’m drunk…

by cooparchy

Though most of us will be in South Bend this weekend we will have an open thread here on OFD that will open an hour prior to kickoff tomorrow at 12:30 EST. The game will be broadcast on the NBC Sports Network as well as on We will try to chime in from the stadium, cell reception permitting. If we aren't able to keep an eye on things be excellent to each other.

For real time updates on all things OFD and the Blue-Gold Game this weekend follow us on the Twitterz.

Notre Dame Football in April. This is it until September 1st. Don't miss it.