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Notre Dame Spring Practice Report: Monday, April 16th

Riddick has looked real sharp this spring.
Riddick has looked real sharp this spring.

The lads were back on the field today for their last Monday practice of the spring.

Just two more practices until the Blue Gold Game this weekend.

It was a pretty slow day news wise, so all we have is the practice video plus a couple other links. I threw a couple odd links in there just for the heck of it.

This is the practice report for Monday, April 16th.

Here's a Blue Gold Illustrated story on Braxston Cave coming back from his injury.

BGI also has a story on Gunner Kiel and the passing of his uncle Blair Kiel.

We were talking about EA Sport's NCAA Football in another thread, and FYI Barry Sanders will be on the cover of this years game along with RG3.

Thank god it wasn't that little dude from Michigan back on the cover.

Check out the attendance figures for some of the spring games across the country.

LOL @ Boston College.

200 fans?

How many threads across the Irish web universe were started today by watching this video and someone declaring, "Is that field turf they're putting in the stadium??"

Elston think he's dripping in swag, huh? Diaco thinks that funny because he is swag.

Nice to see Tyler Stockton make an appearance, right?

Sheldon Day really looks like a fierce smaller version of Louis Nix doesn't he? Super pumped to see if he can make the rotation this year.

*Spring ball hype alert* Kona Schwenke has been getting a ton of praise so far and he really looks bigger AND faster. Who knows what happened to him last year but it appears he's ready to make a big impact in 2012.

Stephon Tuitt with a nice ending to the clip, he's just dripping in swag athleticism. is on a mission to serve our needs!! So here's another video that came out today on the quarterback.

Kind of stinks that a lot of this is just rehashing interviews from days ago---better than nothing I suppose.

2:03 where was that ball going Tommy?

If he doesn't win the job, Hendrix at least sounds like a quarterback.

Golson's got some nasty quickness, but should limit those lame duck throws as much as possible.

Is Kiel trying to make his neck look bigger in these interviews?