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Notre Dame Recruiting: Available Scholarships 60+9+10=79

You want that 5th year Carlo?
You want that 5th year Carlo?

This week we are looking to take another good look at recruiting as we head into the Blue-Gold game this Saturday. We last took a look at the available scholarships three weeks ago. In the time that has passed we have picked up additional commitments from cornerback/ athlete Rashad Kinlaw, wide receiver Corey Robinson, and Cornerback Devin Butler.

In addition to the new commitments this happened.

With that let's take a look at where we are. I still think this class finishes in the low 20's but it could continue to creep towards a number closer to 25 with any more attrition of any kind. You can stay on top of the targets via the April update to our Big Board. You can also find all updates via our Recruiting Central widget in the left sidebar.

You all are familiar with our eligibility chart so I will get right to it. The Blue (2 deep) and Red (Injured) players are based on what we have gathered through spring practice. As you know we treat this as a living document and will continue to update it throughout the year. If you have any questions about that or anything else don't hesitate to bring them up in the comments.

2012 ND Roster Breakdown (16 April)

Details after the jump.

The numbers are now as follows.

17 Freshmen

24 Sophomores

19 Juniors

9 Seniors that will be eligible to apply for a 5th year

69 Total

16 Total scholarships available for new recruits if all 9 of the 5th year options are utilized.

9 Additional spots available as a 1 for 1 replacement of a 5th year option.

25 Absolute max number of schollies available if no 5th year options are exercised.

This obviously doesn't forecast for attrition, so an additional couple of spots are likely to become available between now and next February.

Let's take another quick look at the 9 seniors that will be eligible to apply for a 5th.

Tyler Eifert- Definitely gone to the NFL.

Cierre Wood- If Theo Riddick comes on strong this year at RB it could keep Cierre's carries down and increase our chances of bringing him back.

Zack Martin- Z-Ma is a definite draft possibility but we'll count him as a lock until he declares.

Chris Watt- Ditto Z-Ma if he has a great season.

Carlo Calabrese- Likely to come back.

Dan Fox- Ditto Calabrese. At least one of them will get a 5th.

Nick Tausch is a wildcard. Kickers are wired different.

Tyler Stockton- Most likely gone.

Jake Golic- Most likely gone.

What do you think?