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The Week In News: SEC Soap Operas, Michigan Tweets and Return of the Kraken

And Like That..... He Was Gone
And Like That..... He Was Gone

Welcome to TWIN. Bobby Petrino dominated the headlines this week but there were a few other interesting things that transpired as well.

Starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

Since Petrino was the big story this week we'll start with him. We talked about the early stages of this scandal last week and this week it quickly escalated to Petrino being fired. There are several lessons to be learned here. If you insist on having a 25 year old mistress that works for you don't take her out for a ride on your hog. You might crash. Or be seen. Or meet some other bad end. Also don't exchange 70 texts with her during the course of one day on your work issued cell phone. Chalk this one up as a win for your local "men are idiots" group. This is a galactic fail on Petrino's part. I'll pour a little out for this poor guy though.

For those that are interested in the odds on the coaching candidates to replace Petrino it looks like Gus Malzahn and Garrick McGee are leading the pack for now.

Elsewhere in the SEC Spencer Hall spent a day with Dan Mullen and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. His account of the experience is pretty fantastic.

1:35 p.m. Dan Mullen's iPhone goes off. "Spencer Hall?" He turns toward Director of Football Operations Jon Clark. "Am I supposed to be there? Where is--"

Jon points to me. "That's Spencer Hall."

"I thought it was a dorm or a lecture hall, and I was supposed to be there," he says, laughing and hopping down the stairs to a waiting golf cart. He turns the wrong way, does a U-turn without looking behind him, and speeds off towards someplace on campus not named "Spencer Hall."

The Aggies of Texas A&M are really playing up this move to the SEC for all that it is worth. The latest news bubbling from the Dixie Chicken is some talk about expanding Kyle Field or knocking it down and replacing it entirely to support an increased demand for season tickets. Better get it done now, as that demand will likely go right back down when the locals realize that .500 is the new normal in the SEC. Side note. Does anyone else think that Kevin Sumlin looks like a slightly younger Bernie Mac? Just sayin'.

More after the jump.

The Ole Ball Coach Steve Spurrier is still his usual ornery self. At least this week he had his shirt back on when he sat down with Chris Low from tWWL to gave a pretty entertaining interview that is chock full of quotable quotes like the one below.

His thoughts on the Georgia-South Carolina game moving from the second week of the season to the sixth week in 2012.

"I don't know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended."

A couple of weeks ago our own CW FJM'd Matt Hayes from the Sporting News. This week Hayes fired back with this piece that essentially says that Urban Meyer let the Florida Football program turn into a lawless cesspool resembling Bartertown. All outsiders had to deal with the "Circle of Trust" in Thunderdome. Who runs Bartertown????? Master Blaster!

Over at Campus Union Holly Anderson has a very entertaining piece up called Schnelly Through Time. You should probably just go check that one out. No description will be adequate.

Michigan will be embracing Twitter during their spring game this Saturday. The Wolverines have painted #GOBLUE on the field and the video board at Michigan Stadium will showcase Tweets sporting that hashtag throughout the game. Consider this a call out to all ND Fans to bring their strongest #GOBLUE Twitter game during the broadcast which will air at 3:30 EST on the B1G Network. Bonus REC's to anyone that slips something clever past the monitors and gets it on the board.

We'll go rapid fire style on the South Bend stuff since we have already discussed the vast majority of it.

Former Notre Dame Quarterback Blair Kiel passed away this week at age 50. Kiel was the uncle of freshman Quarterback Gunner Kiel. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Kiel family.

In case you missed it Charley Molnar will be returning to Notre Dame in 2015. Perhaps this will be CBK's ultimate revenge for some of the offensive woes that the Irish suffered last season.

We mentioned Eric Hansen speculating that Andrew Hendrix would be starting against Navy but if you didn't read the whole article he has several other interesting tidbits in there too. He discusses some of the ongoing position battles and talks ND recruiting with Tom Lemming. Lemming's take is a bit more positive than that of lightskin350.

The Kraken has returned! Even if you missed everything else this week you probably already knew that. Damnit Napoleon!

What else has been going on around here? In addition to lightskin350 melting the servers, we had a few other great FanPosts this week. Michael Collins is back in the mix with a two part series on the BCS. Both Who's on First and What's on Second are great. Regular commenter Three and Eight-Elevenths Men also put together a great conversation piece wherein he predicts the results for each game on the 2012 Notre Dame schedule.

Don't forget to swing by and mix it up with us before the Blue-Gold game. And if you happen to get stuck sitting near us during the game apologies in advance. We might be loud and stuff.

The comment of the week this week is brought to you by danbob the spiritual hobo. His handle alone made him the frontrunner but he also chimed in with this under LS 350's controversial state of recruiting FanPost.

BK's talent evaluation

We wasted a scholarship on a quarterback that doesn't even have a chest.

How do you even throw without a chest.

Nicely played danbob. One comment on the site, one victory. Will he quit while he's ahead or is this the first of many RECs to come?

Have a great weekend!