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Notre Dame Spring Practice Report: Wednesday, April 11th

The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame hit the practice field again today after a week off for Easter vacation.

As you've probably heard by now, Aaron Lynch was back on campus and in attendance for practice.


Per usual, not a whole lot to break down after today's practice but I will do my best.

The good stuff after the jump.

Here's a quick rundown of some things from early this afternoon by Keith Arnold at Inside the Irish.

As Arnold points out, now is the time for Kendall Moore and Werewolf to step up and prove to the coaches that they are worthy of minutes this season with Dan Fox battling an injury.

We really need one of those two athletes to make a mark in 2012 to feel a little more comfortable about the linebackers in a post-Te'o world.

Also, Eric Hansen from the South Bend Tribune has a nice little Q&A session that might be worth your time.

Interesting that Hansen thinks that Andrew Hendrix will be the starter come fall time.

That would be nice.

Also, it's funny to listen to Tom Lemming talk about Notre Dame recruiting---he's always been the most "used car salesman" of the recruiting experts. He cracks me up.

Here's a freebie article from Irish Sports Daily that focuses on some interviews with Theo Riddick and John Goodman.

This is the first I've heard of Goodman not working on punt returning anymore. I'd assume Kelly wants him focusing 100% on his game at receiver and Riddick, Cierre Wood (I have a tough time thinking he'll return but he's got the skills to do so) and eventually Davonte Neal are going to be the main returners. Maybe we'll see George Atkinson get some reps there too, right?

And finally, here is today's video from

Notice Lynch with that little shoulder shimmy after he catches the ball? Yeah baby...he's back!

Quite the size difference between Goodman and Jones---it's amazing that T.J. has stayed on the outside this long.

Luke Massa made an appearance! Every time I see him in practice footage he seems so slow. Is it just me?

That's a heck of a throw at 1:55 to Daniels from what looks like Rees.

Speaking of Daniels, he runs real effortlessly for a bigger receiver. I hope he makes a big leap this year.

Can Daniel Smith stay healthy? It's hard not to like his size.

I really like Goodman's footwork and we knows he's fast. I'm just not getting my hopes up, I'm just not going to do that.

Golson fits that ball in at the end of the video---positive thoughts, positive thoughts, positive thoughts!