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The OFD Blue-Gold Game Meet and Greet

After much deliberation, a couple of wrestling matches and a high stakes game of Lawn Darts the OFD staff has finally come to a consensus on when and where exactly we should make ourselves available to any of you that might want to visit with us in person prior to the Blue-Gold Game.

For you regulars it might be nice to put a handle with a face and maybe even talk a little Notre Dame Football, In N' Out vs. Five Guys, Conan the Barbarian or whatever else might be on your mind. With any luck a spontaneous Haiku-Off will break out.

Time: 10:30am. We will stick around for an hour or so if you all are stopping by.

Place: In the vicinity of the North Gate of Notre Dame Stadium where the players enter.

Who: As of now it looks like the entire staff will be there with the exception of MotS. He's going to stay home and make sure that we have an open thread up so that those of you not in attendance will still have a place to hang out while you watch the game. Those of us that are in attendance will try to share our thoughts in said open thread here and there too. Cell reception permitting of course.

Coordinating instructions after the jump.

How will you know that it's us? This one will be easy thanks to 4pointshooter who will be wearing a "FREE GOLDRIX" sandwich board. Kidding. But if you spot a handful of guys wearing OFD T-Shirts, chances are that's us. Bonus recs if you are wearing one too. If fishoutofwater isn't in attendance and rocking an "I GOT REC'D ON OFD" T-Shirt I'll be disappointed.

If you don't already follow One Foot Down on Twitter now would be a good time to start. We will be pushing any real time updates to this plan via Twitter throughout the weekend. Who knows we might even invite you to all come join us for a drink somewhere after the game. As an added bonus following us on Twitter is also a very easy way to keep up with what is going on at the site all year long.

This is your chance to mix it up with us in person and we hope that you do. Stop by and debate uniforms with Murtaugh, go recruiting with Miesle, draw X's and O's with Burger, talk hoops with 4pointshooter, FJM with CW, get a class on the option from The Coach or ask me what the hell I was thinking when I started this site in the first place

We are really looking forward to the game, and the chance to meet some of you in person. See you there!