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Notre Dame Spring Practice Report: Friday, March 23rd

Notre Dame was back on the field Friday morning for their second practice of spring ball. This was the last practice in helmets and shorts before the Irish put on equipment for practice tomorrow.

The media was not allowed in practice today, but came out with their daily video plus some coaches and players were available for interviews afterwards per usual.

Here's the second practice report of the spring.

How about Jack Nolan gets this party started.

Friday Practice Report from

Friday's practice report took a look at the linebackers, a unit with great depth and possibly the best 'backer in the country. It also features a heavy dose of defensive coordinator Bob Diaco so it's pretty much required viewing.

Was anyone else mentally trying to reach for the ball in the drill where Diaco was throwing in to one of two receivers?

Was that just me?

Player Interviews from

Manti Te'o

Watch Riddick stutter stop and run away from Manti early in that video---you can almost hear him screaming "ahhhhh!"

I'm not sure how I feel about a linebacker in white tights. Isn't there a rule that tough guys can't wear long sleeves? But long white tights are okay nowadays?

John Goodman

So this quote jumped out at me...

"When you're tired, like last year I was tired, I would probably take a play off. This year that's not an option."

Oh, well good then.

Interviews from BGI:

Chuck Martin

He's talking about Gunner Kiel in this video but also made some broader comments to the media on Friday as well. Here he's saying how the freshman wants the whole playbook but the staff is like, "hold your horses, bro."

Knowing the history of this staff and how slow they will take things when there's depth to do so---I really doubt Kiel will see the field in 2012.

Martin also reiterated that there's no timetable for a decision on the quarterback, it's not important to have a quarterback heading into the spring, and that when someone wins the job they will know.

Yup, we're months away from this thing being over.

Aaron Lynch

Maybe it's the grown out hair or the facial hair, but Lynch seems a lot more mature. I'm digging his demeanor right now.

Lynch also had some other comments to the media on his intensity on the field and what mindset he and Stephon Tuitt share:

"Honestly, every year I'm going to get some yellow flags, because that's the way I play football."

"We both have an intensity to go out there and kill."

I'm not complaining.

Bob Elliot

Here's our first look at the new safety coach for the spring. He doesn't say much other than that Dan McCarthy will be a "good role player for us."

Players don't want to hear that!

Interviews from Irish Illustrated:

DaVaris Daniels

We're starting to see and hear a lot more from Daniels this spring. I'm liking it more and more.

Kerry Cooks

Here's a juicy quote:

"Bennett (Jackson) is as talented as any corner I've ever coached."

We're only two practices in and Jackson seems like the one sure starter at cornerback for the fall. I would be pretty surprised if two other players forced him to the bench early in the season.

We'll be back with another practice report either Monday or Wednesday.

Enjoy the weekend.