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One Foot Down NCAA Tourney Pick Em'

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Let's Do This
Let's Do This

March Madness is upon us and the Fighting Irish will face Xavier in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday Night. It just wouldn't feel right if we didn't slap together a Pick Em' so we are doing just that. You all now have the opportunity to show 4pointshooter and CW that you know more about college hoops than they do by dropping your picks into the OFD NCAA Tourney Pick Em'. Bragging rights for the year are on the table.

Yahoo has made it very easy for us this year by partnering with SBN to create a monster Pick Em' bracket that is open to the readers of all SBN blogs. So if you want to mix it up with the big SBN group go HERE.

If you want to participate in the One Foot Down bracket go HERE. The group name and password are below.

Group Name: One Foot Down

Password: Fullbacks

You can always participate in both of these brackets and create additional brackets of your own for friends, family or your co-workers. Just remember to keep any cash on the DL. Viva Rick Neuheisel!

Yahoo! Tourney Pick'em supports SBNation and the best college sports tournament of the year. Join the bracket pools of Drew Brees, Michael Phelps, and Lil Wayne-- all while competing in the $5 million Perfect Bracket and $10,000 Best Bracket Sweepstakes. Be part of the best and biggest Yahoo! Sports tourney game yet – sign up today!