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The Week in News: Tweeting, Sandwiches and Signing Day

Welcome to TWIN. I've been slammed this week and had actually decided to shelve this post altogether. I have just had too much stuff going on these last few days. Then I just went back and took a quick glance at the links and decided there was just too much good stuff in here to let it go down like that. Hopefully this helps you pass the time before the "Big Game."

And we're off....

The entertainment surrounding Mike Leach vs. Craig James simply will not die. This week one of Leach's Lawyers told PAAAAWWWWWLLL Finebaum that James was calling Tech coaches from the booth and telling him to put his son Adam in the game. This was apparently during games that James was calling for tWWL. Just imagine that scene for a minute. "Craig, we're back from commercial in 30 seconds!" "Hold on damn it, I'm demanding a substitution!" Fantastic!

Over at Barking Carnival the artist known as cuppycup put together a supremely entertaining piece that he simply called "A Booster's Guide to Tweeting Recruits." That was an enjoyable read.

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Chuck Weis took a little heat this week for the way that he went about dismissing Quarterback Brock Berglund from the Kansas squad. Chuck Weis doesn't play! Jokes aside I don't really see what the big deal is in this instance. Besides, everyone knows that Chuck Weis just says whatever is on his mind. I honestly always kind of enjoyed that about him.

Former Utah Quarterback Brian Johnson has taken over as the Utes offensive coordinator. It seems like just yesterday he was under center and leading the Utes to an undefeated 2008 season that included an upset of Little Nicky and Bama in the Sugar Bowl. Johnson turns 25 this month. Very cool.

Florida International Coach Mario Cristobal was heading to Rutgers to take over for the departed Greg Schiano. Then he wasn't. Cristobal is staying at FIU and the Scarlet Knights promoted Kyle Flood from within. Cue TAPS for the Knights. At least they still have those killer fat sandwiches that I saw on Man vs. Food!

Birmingham, Alabama Linebacker Cassanova McKinzy picked Auburn over Clemson on signing day and cited the lack of a Chick-Fil-A fast food joint on the Clemson campus as one of the deciding factors. Apparently Waffle Fries are the fuel of champions. Who knew? Even more impressive is the fact that young Cassanova later elaborated further and insinuated that Chick-Fil-A is a "real restaurant." It seems that only the best and brightest are suited for Auburn. Every time I hear a story like this about Auburn it reminds me of the Irons Brothers.

Signing Day. That was a good time eh? For those looking to recap any of that insanity check out our Recruiting Central, or the signing day page over at If you really want to relive the glory that was just revisit our Signing Day Open Thread. In all seriousness, nice work in that open thread. Everyone handled themselves very well on a highly emotional day. Our commentariat remains the best on the ND interwebs.

Leslie Miles had some nice things to say about our own Gunner Kiel when announcing the LSU class.

"There was a gentleman from Indiana that thought about coming to the Bayou state," Miles said. "He did not necessarily have the chest and the ability to lead a program, so you know."

Nice job Lester, you are all class. And what the hell does he mean by "chest?"

In a related story there was some buzz that our own Brian Kelly had made similar negative remarks about Deontay Greenberry. Turns out it was all bogus. HLS chased down the details of the CBS "mix up."

In addition to being an ace recruiter Tony Alford will be coaching running backs and slot receivers in 2012. Did we already discuss this? I think we did. Regardless this is a throwback to Kelly's GVSU days and I'm pretty psyched about it. I really can't wait to see the Chuck Martin version of the offense next fall.

The Observer put together a solid piece on Notre Dame and Early Enrollees this week. Good stuff.

It may have been lost a bit in the post signing day hoopla but our own Eric Murtaugh interviewed Michael Floyd this week. Nicely done E.

The Comment of the Week is courtesy of jpeters6. In the midst of much frustration and despair on Wednesday he gave us all a nice little shot of happy when he reminded us about this.



Relive the magic HERE.

Enjoy the game this evening and we will see you back here bright and early on Monday morning. Jim has some good stuff in the hopper for you.