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Irish DC Bob Diaco Reportedly Interviews at Boston College

Our eligible bachelor has teams coming after him.


The SB Nation website BC Interruption is reporting, via a report from Eagle Action, that current Notre Dame defensive coordinator Bob Diaco is interviewing at Boston College for the head coaching position.

There are also some rumors out there that Diaco has interviewed with California as well.

Diaco has been a favorite of both of these fan base's and I even answered a handful of questions for Cal Golden Blogs a few days ago as they wanted to learn more about him.

Anyone in a panic yet?

I'm at about a 4 out of 10 right now and here's why---and you can get a glimpse of these opinions in the Q&A with CGB.

I don't think Diaco is ready to be a head coach right now.

Maybe he does. Perhaps he's ready. Perhaps he's itching to finally take over a D-1 program and truly make a name for himself.

All I know is that he's still very raw in front of the media---he's still uncomfortable with handling those duties. By becoming a head coach those duties amplify by a thousand and he's largely been sheltered at Notre Dame.

If he feels like he's ready to step out in the limelight then great for him, but I remain skeptical.

I know the media stuff isn't all there is to being a head coach, but he doesn't have the seasoning the way a guy like Will Muschamp did before Florida or Kirby Smart does at Alabama.

Second, I have a real hard time believing that Diaco is going to announce to the team within a week or so that he's taking another head coaching job a month before Notre Dame's first title chance in 25 years.

Of all the times to move on...NOW!?!?

Even if he doesn't intend on taking a new job until after the title game, even though this has been a magical year, and even though the program is set up for future success, this still feels a little premature.

I might be naive but I don't see Diaco rolling like that.

That's way too much of a distraction for him and the players. Then again, this is big boy football and maybe everyone would just accept it and move on.

I guess an Irish defense 'playing for Diaco' before sending him off to his first head coaching gig wouldn't be a terrible thing from an emotional stand point.

Third, these don't feel like the right teams for Diaco.

California is a good job and there's some potential there for Diaco to do be very successful.

But does he fit in there? Diaco is a Jersey guy, he's made a name for himself recruiting the Northeast, and his college and coaching years have been spent entirely in the Midwest. Is he going to start his head coaching career, such a make or break moment, so far away from his roots and connections?

And Boston College?

Bob, no.

Other than his connections to the Northeast I don't know why he would leave Notre Dame for Chestnut Hill.

C'mon, BC only got 2 Houston Nutt heads on my recent Desirability index and frankly, Diaco can do better.

If Diaco is going to take a job worth 2 Nutt heads, it has to be somewhere that at least cares about football more than Boston College. Somewhere that provides him with a chance to access quality recruits. Somewhere that isn't going to be a rival to Notre Dame.

The other issue is that Boston College is the dumps right now. Diaco didn't go to Notre Dame but he certainly seems to love the university right now. I don't know why he'd want to take up a massive reclamation project when he can stay in South Bend and dominate BC for a couple more years and take a much better job down the road.

I can't see Diaco moving to Boston College and I'd be shocked if he did so. To me this smells like gaining some interview experience that he'll need in the future.